How to defend OM QB

It’s going to be interesting to see what they come up with to deal with the QB. Our defense hasn’t handled a running QB very well this century.

When it’s 3rd and 7 he is very likely to survey the field and then tuck it and run right up the middle. That has killed us forever.

Will we put a spy on him?

Best way is to keep him on the bench by having our offense drive the ball 70 and 80 yards for scores.

But defensively, we’ve GOT to set the edge, and then spy on the QB in key 3rd down plays.

Wiz you hit the nail on the head. The spy may be the key. Setting the edge and being quick to the ball is a must.
Keeping our offense on the field and scoring TD’s is the answer as well.
Special teams needs to show improvement.

I remember when we played OU in the Cotton Bowl back in 2002, they had a spy on Matt Jones and were really effective. So far, I’m going to trust Barry Odom.

Are we talking about Coral or Plumlee? I realize I may be spelling the guy’s name wrong, but I thought Coral, the passing QB was taking mostbof the snaps for the rebelious ones these days. I really haven’t watched much of them this year.

Seldom does any defense handle running quarterbacks (with the ability to pass). It’s the great equalizer. Both OM quarterbacks are runners. Plumlee is faster, but Corral is effective as a runner, too.

I think the best way to neutralize a running quarterback is to take away his running Lanes. Tampa Bay back in the day used to stop Michael Vick pretty much Stone Cold by what they called the Box .The defensive ends really did not try to sack him but they got it as deep as he was and stayed there with took away his ability to escape left and right, the two inside guys were taught to stalemate there guy and try to take away the inside running Lanes which makes the quarterback feel like he has nowhere to go and eventually he will run into one of them.Easier said than done but they did a awesome job against arguably the best running QB of all time

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