How to Beat Kentucky!

Looking at today’s championship game, it was obvious that we were not competing at the same level. Our trio guards Macon, Hannahs & Barford are recognized as efficient as any back court in the country. It wasn’t the guard play that created advantage for them, it was the Forward/Center position that put us in disadvantage. If we had a player or two that could catch the ball down low and be a threat to score, that would have changed the way the game is played. Our inability to be a threat down low, allowed their defense to extend and put pressure on our guards causing 14 turnovers, and rendered them inefficient at offense. Macon was the only guard was efficient on offense with 18 point, 7 of 11. Hannah’s scored 14 point, but he was 4 of 12. Barford had 13 points but only 4 of 13. They shot only 3 of 13 three point attempts. That’s what happens to a team that is still on construction and does not have the other parts to make them invincible. We continue to lose to Kentucky in double digits, because we can’t match their size and talent at the Big position. If we want to compete with the big boys like Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and others in the future, we must bring on heavy artillery to soften the enemy so our little weapon can do their job.