How the heck did EOEA beat us by 30?

Somehow don’t think they could do it again!

Muss played everybody to include the water boy to help gather information about matchups that’s part of it.

We might see them again down the road, and it won’t be in Austin. I, personally, hope we do. We are a totally different animal now.


They were 30 points better that day. I’m kind of glad that game played out how it did. Was a reality check for our young, talented team. They needed to see, up close and personal, how a great team plays. It showed them they have much work to do, and they have responded well.If we do play them again, I’m sure it will be a very different game.


How they beat Arkansas by 30 is NSJ and Makhi Mitchell were the only players who were even half-way ready to handle the physicality of the game. Turnovers were an issue, and Texas was selective and effective from 3. Longhorns got Arkansas down in the game and didn’t let their foot off the gas. It’d for sure be a tighter game if they played this upcoming week.

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Wasn’t it an exhibition game?


Since it was only an exhibition game I suspect Muss still calls Beard frequently to chat. :rofl: :rofl:

Texas also played everybody. Difference was Texas was bringing back a lot of experience. We had a nice blend of experience and three youngsters, but they had not practiced and played together as much and Muss had not yet narrowed down the roles. Next time we play I doubt Texas wins.

Please, come tourney time put the Hornies in our bracket…

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Texas plays away from home for the first time this year Tuesday at MSG vs Illinois … could be interesting.



I’m a big time Illini fan on Tuesday. Can’t wait to see if Texas is really all-world or just “homeboys.”

Dem teasippers won’t find any sweet tea in NYC….

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