How the Big 12 came into being

Oral history at, from people who were involved. This confirms what I have been told, that politicians friendly to Baylor and Tech made sure those schools were included in the new conference. They also wanted to merge all 16 schools from the Big 8 and SWC, but ESPN wasn’t interested in that

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That’s a good read and very similar to the way I imagined it had happened. Frank was a man of vision just enough ahead of his time to position us in a strong position as well.

Fast forward to today with the Big 12 talking about adding Houston or Cincinnati or Memphis or another city type school. I can’t imagine networks thinking that is a strong play. Is OU tired of Texas as Nebraska was? The two Oklahoma schools are all that is left of the powers that once were the Big 8. Moving Bama and Auburn to the east and adding OU and OSU would finalize a superb SEC. I have to believe there is at least a backroom discussion of this.

Great read.

I didn’t understand the impact of Prop 48. I know it existed, but I didn’t understand what it meant. Nebraska dissapeared when their kids had to be educated.