How the 2018-19 Roster is starting to look

Still a bit early, but with only 1 spot left, our 2018-19 team is starting to take shape. If we finish with Reggie Chaney we’ll look like this…

G - Harris / Embery / Sills
G - Jones / Joe
G - Hall / Garland
F - Bailey / Phillips / Osabouhein
F - Gafford / Chaney / Henderson

Going to be a very long and versatile team, but super young. With those guys CMA probably plays a legit 12 guys with a bunch of different mixes at the 3, 4, and 5 spots.

I think we will see (at least once) a lineup consisting of Garland PG, Jones SG, Phillips SF, Chaney PF, and Gafford C. I can see CMA putting in a very long, athletic group and testing smaller teams. Look at last year, we had a 6’3 PG, 6’3 SG, 6’3 SF, 6’7 SF, and 6’9 (listed at 6’10) C. Most teams like the small versatile guards, but when we have three guys that are long, it could give us an advantage. I can also see him going for small and quick with Embery PG, Sills SG, Joe SF, Bailey PF, and Henderson/Chaney C. I agree with you that we will see a lot of lineups. Glad we have that option.

There is going to be a lot of competition for minutes in the backcourt/on the wing. Identifying a rotation will be quite a task.

When I look at that group, there are a lot of guys who’s games I like, but it’ll be interesting to see who elevates their play between now and then to emerge as core pieces. A few will need to. Keep in mind, Justice being on board for 2019-20 means all 13 scholarships are filled for that year with the staff still looking to sign one more in the 18 class. The numbers will always work out, but there aren’t one or two guys who jump out at you as likely candidates to move on. Seeing the pecking order be establish and tweaked will be fascinating.

I like that they have high-quality shooters in Jones, Joe and Embery. The first 2 could definitely shoot around 40 percent from 3. Guys like Sills and Phillips look like they could be adequate shooters, too.

Phillips and Hall’s size gives Mike the flexibility to go with some really interesting lineups. What is the resolution to Khalil’s situation?

Can Jalen be a difference maker as a creator or will Keyshawn and Desi need to handle a large primary ballhandling role off the bat? This is huge.

Is Daniel in year two ready to be a first-team All-SEC kind of guy? I’m bullish on this.

I hope Khalil gets to play college basketball.

But I am not sure at this point that he will.

Hoping his health works out for him.