How Sweet It Is!

They said last time we beat them was 2013. That makes it 5 years. We had come close a couple times but no cigar. Tonight we played with great poise. They came out firing the three’s from everywhere. We kept on working patiently and kept it close. Then our defense baffled them and we went up by one at the half. That delivered a mental message that we will not be beaten by three’s. If they are going to beat us, they must execute half court offense. We played well as a team. We attacked the board, rebounded and made free throws, and did not turn the ball over much. This was perhaps a complete game we have played this season. Congratulations to the team and coach A, and all Razorback fans. I just forgot: We don’t have to eat “Chiz” anymore; and as for Allen, I enjoyed watch him not elected to any of the accolades of the SEC and frustrated in this game and a defeat.
“How Sweet It Is”.