How Soon?

How soon should we expect the coordinators to be named and the rest of the staff to be in place? With the early signing date coming up quickly, one would expect that to be a priority. Thank God for cell phones.

If he brings anyone with him from UGa, and I think he will, they’ll stay there through the bowl game. Brad Davis was a perfect situation because his boss just got fired, they’re not going to a bowl thanks to the NCAA, and he’s pretty sure he won’t be retained by Drink. There may be others like that.

You really just have to not worry very much about the early signing period as Coach Pittman noted yesterday.

These are quotes from my story on Monday.

“If we can keep the guys we have, then we are going to have get full-fledged ready to go for the second signing date,” Pittman said. “That is just reality. So let’s go get it, let’s get the best ones left. That is what we are going to try and do.”

“…The staff, I don’t know how many, a few, before the end of the week. It is important to me that we try and get kids that are committed to us and make sure we are right on who we hire here.

“We can get people right now, but how do you know if they are the best if you are not talking to two or three of them to figure out who you really want to hire. It is not a deal where are saying, ‘Oh, I’d like to have this old boy,’ and he turns you down and you go to panic city. We just go to plan 1AAA.

“We have got a good list of coaches, but right now I have been pretty busy in having time to talk to the and we were busy before the University of Arkansas gave me the job. Very busy. While people were off, we weren’t. We were getting ready for the SEC Championship game.

“I am not going to tell you I am behind by any stretch on hiring of the staff, but I am pretty cautious because after Saturday I know it (recruiting) goes dead again.”

It is what it is and SP knows that. He is a good enough recruiter to know how to keep the kids that were/are committed and possibly snag a few who were on the fence. Just a lack of time to assemble a staff that could help any before the early signing period is up. He can choose his staff carefully during the dead period then they all can go at it with a full head of steam. If his phone was blowing up as he stated when he was hired then he will find the best coaches, recruiters that fit. 1st things 1st though.

Barry Odom in play for DC?

I think we are conditioned from years past to worry about the signing class. The reality today is that is not as big of a deal because we can get what we need through the transfer portal. The opposite is also true, a great signing class looks good on paper, but many can now leave via the portal.