How screwy is the NET

Just been watching Warren Nolan and all the metrics.

Arkansas has a net of 20 and beat a LSU with a net of 16 and our net show no NET gain/loss nor does LSU.

Meanwhile, Kentucky with a net of 3 beats Vanderbilt with a net of 67 and Kentucky shows +1 gain in Net while Vandy shows a +12 gain in Net.

Tennessee with a net of 9 beats MSU with a net of 56 and Tennessee shows a -1 Net loss and MSU a +1 gain.

For the life of me, this makes ZERO sense.


It’s not screwy it’s stupid.


As Coach Muss said…that’s why the selection committee will give it the lack of credibility it deserves…


NET hasn’t been up-dated. Those numbers are through Thursday’s games. Tomorrow morning it should include todays games.

Well, its updated and it stayed the same. . . . the record has been updated on it and says its through yesterday. . . what the heck

That kind of net belongs on the back of a Russian troller…

Yep. LSU dropped from 16 to 18 after yesterday and we stayed at 20.

Houston Net 3. 1-4 in Q-1. That’s all that needs to be stated.

Can’t wait to hear Muss…

Anything that stupid does not even deserve paying attention to in my opinion.common sense obviously isn’t very common with those idiots whoever’s coming up with that.

It’s stupid, but it’s there and they use it.

Well whoever they is needs to explain how we can beat a team three times and them be lower net than we are. Think it might be time to back off that weed a little.

I’ve always felt the NCAA does not want a cut and dried method for making the bracket. They want some mystery, uncertainty, or even confusion. I think this is for a couple of reasons.

#1 they want to make a whole production out of the bracket event. I’m sure they make big TV money off that. If everyone already knew for sure, then the viewership would not be there so the big TV money would be gone.

#2 whether they admit it or not, they like to play with the seeding to get “interesting” matchups. Previous coaches against old schools, old rivalries, coaching matchups, style differences, etc. If it was cut and dried they couldn’t shuffle things around and make these happen and still sit there with a strait face and try to tell us it was just the way it worked out that they didn’t tinker to set matchups.

All in all they want things confused so they can do what they want how they want.

And that just my .02 cent… er make that .05 cents due to inflation.

You make some valid points. RPI was equally screwy, but at least with some effort you could understand it and why a team was rated where it was. We don’t know enough about NET to know why it’s screwy. I firmly think that’s intentional.

5 seed. At best :man_facepalming:

In the latest bracketology we moved up from being the last 4 seed to the #2 four seed, so I don’t know if a TAM loss drops us out of a 4 at this point. But not much difference between the 4 or 5 seed, the 1st 5 seed may get a better bracket so who knows.

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I think we’re still a 4 but it’s borderline. Would have helped us if Indiana had held on against Iowa; the Hawkeyes banked in a trey with 0.8 left for the win. Houston game on now is worth watching (they’re behind Toolame early).

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Paraphrasing Mr Bumble, “The NET is a ass.”

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