How’s the CMA Bandwagon rolling along today?

Like an old jalopy?

Good lort. Did you plan out this post all night? If so, next time just wing it on the run.

Rolling about the same as the anti CMA Bandwagon I suppose.
Both Jalopy’s stuck in the ditch I guess.
Oh no, sorry that was Petrino Bandwagon.

Colorado has been on this board a long time, and IMO he doesn’t comment until he thinks it’s time for UA to make a change …

You must be thinking about the other Colorado Hog who has almost 1,000 posts

This one has 58 posts

Oops, my bad!!

yea pretty said you want a name so bad on a such a small board that you put a “1” behind it so you can still have it, geez.

Maybe I’ll be Clay Henry1

I’m doing great! The sun come up this morning and we are all looking at the flowers from the top side. The diamond hogs sweep a 3 game series and the Ladybacks lost a close game as time ran out at -#17 Kentucky. Other than our young razorbacks playing like they’ve never seen a basketball before and getting beat at home by coughing up the ball for dunks and layups!
You can say what ever you want about CMA it won’t change anything to fire him.
The coach didn’t go out on the floor and play at all.

Really insightful…a forum board dedicated to dissecting our usernames.

I think I’ll go back to ignoring this nonsense.

How much meaningful insight did you expect to get from your OP?

I like it! :sunglasses:

Would the real Colorado Hog please stand up, please stand up. All you other Colorado Hogs are just imitating.

You mean like this nonsense you contributed?

Nothing screams troll like someone who borrows someone else’s username. Use some imagination. DenverHog or something. Doesn’t mean your drivel will be taken any more seriously, but it’s a start.

The raggedy ride is a little rough.

My “drivel” was pithy…yes. Asking the people (in a smart-ass way) on this board that consistently support CMA no matter what the results and facts are is a common and legitimate question asked by fans regarding coaches all over Internet fora.

I don’t have a clue when the other person with the Colorado Hog name determined his/her handle, but mine was just a quick way to come up with one I would remember and not intended as an kind of trolling. I know how true pioneers of the worldwide web like yourself love to hold themselves out as arbiters of online “ethics”. I’m literally laughing at your attempts (and time spent) to police my activities here. Ridiculous.

I love people who overuse the word literally. Your post reminds me of listening to some of my wife’s 7th graders talk to each other…

It’s funny to me that you trolled people, they trolled you back (only better) and now you’re bent about it.

Good stuff.

Except for the fact that I actually laughed…and now at you too.

Just Fine.