How’s does Lubbock TX have top 10 program?

With a third year coach?

At a place with very little b-ball tradition.

No way we can’t be great.

No way.

Got to take steps to remember what we are.

I believe Mike can do it and next year is time to start to prove it again.

People have forgotten but for a long time, Tech was the best hoops program in the Southwest. Didn’t mean much on the national stage, but they won a lot under Bob Bass (who went on to coach the Spurs) and Gerald Myers.

How does Spokane, Washington, have a top ONE program? Because they have a good coach who doesn’t want to leave that remote outpost, and good, veteran players. Pretty much like Tech. Gonzaga has seven upperclassmen. Tech has five. We have one. If we had some of the people who listened to the wrong people and left, we’d be better than 17-14 too.

Seriously why don’t you guys go to the Texas Tech forum. There’s 3 of you that are absolutely obsessed with Chris Beard. Dudley has already said he has no interest in the Arkansas job, and CMA is not getting fired this year, so why in the world do you guys keep bringing him up?

And what makes this even more weird, we just beat a good basketball team by double figures, Gafford had the best game of his career, and we have won 3 straight heading into the SEC tournament, but you guys are worried about what Chris Beard is doing in Lubbock. Y’all claim the problem with CMA is strictly about wins, but on a day when he has a big win, you guys are bumping threads from January and starting new threads about Chris Beard. That’s why we say some of you guys have agendas, because of stuff like this.

If the hogs had made free throws in Lubbock. Looks to me me would have won the game. So u can’t tell me tech is that much better than we are.

I believe the point of the OP was that if it can be done in Lubbock, it can be done in Fayetteville.
They also said they believe Mike could do it.
Nowhere was there any mention of wanting Beard.

Exactly. FTs cost us four games – Texass, WKU, Florida and TTech. We’d still be in eighth place in the SEC but we’d have 21 wins and probably be very close to a NCAAT lock after tonight. We actually shot FTs pretty well vs GTech and Misery, just didn’t shoot enough of them against GTech (7 of 9) and gave up too many threes at CoMo.

I get it, it would be different if another poster hadn’t literally just bumped a thread about Chris Beard. These guys have mentioned him several times throughout the year at this point we all get it, Chris Beard is doing a good job at Texas Tech. Not trying to be mean, but I could care less about Texas Tech, if I want to talk about another team, then I go to their boards. I think Penny is doing a good job his first year at Memphis, considering how far they had fallen, do you guys want me to start a thread about him every time they win a game? Didn’t think so.

Point was simply that Lubbock, TX has absolutely nothing on Fayetteville and the history of our program. We can be great again.

There are perhaps other examples but a top ten program in Lubbock seems a good example.

I could have said Fort Worth where they are now solid, but FW much larger population of statistical proportion.

Auburn, Alabama is nothing to scream about not small town Washington State where another thing o program has to recruit and live.

Point being if a Lubbock can be on top, no way we can’t be.

This is just another example of the love Chris Beard crowd. Move to Lubbock horrible part of the country.

No love of Beard here.

Love of a top Arkansas program always.

No way we can’t be as good as what is in Lubbock.

No way.

And yes I think Mike needs some recruits but Mike can make us elite.

Well took it out of context.
Beard took over a team with upperclassmen. The hogs should have beat them. Poor FT shooting and a few horrible calls ruined that chance.
Recruiting is full of land mines. From transfers to players getting bought!

Hall would be here if his handlers wouldn’t have pushed him to leave.
Perry would be here if Seth G and his Adidas connection wouldn’t have paid him and his family to go to Miss St
Garland would be playing if the medical issue wouldn’t have happened

CMA has done a good job recruiting. He has struggling keeping players in the the system. He has a strong morale compass and will do the job the right way. That means as much to me as wins and losses.

The incoming class needs to fill the need at the 4 and he needs to do some roster management. Some of the dead weight need to go. We won’t be elite with 3 players throwing up bricks every game.
Not only do they brick free throws they brick gimmies at the rim.
FG. 3’s. FT’s
Harris. 0/3. 0/1. 2/2
Adrio. 1/6. 0/1. 3/4
Gabe. 1/5. 0/1. 0/0
2/14. 0/3. 5/6
Team. 27/51. 9/17. 10/12

This is a pretty common theme for these 3 players all year long! It’s hard to win with this result.
Chaney needs to play and get more minutes. He blocks shots and gets steals.
He can finish at the rim. He got stick with the ball today and missed some shots that normally he don’t take.
I’m just amazed at how Adrio and Gabe got a schollie. They need to learn their role and taking 3’s isn’t part of it.

             R.  A.   S. BLK. TO. F

Harris. 3. 4. 1. 1. 2. 1
Adrio. 0. 1. 1. 1. 0. 1
Gabe. 2. 2. 1. 0. 1. 3

Chaney. 4. 0. 1. 2. 1. 0
Chaney played 10 minutes.
That less than either Gabe or Adrio.

Very good post. I agree with a lot of this. Hopefully we can grab some needed players and take a big step back where we belong.

It all starts with Joe, Jones, Emery Simpson, Sills and Chaney coming back.
If Gafford stays it will be a complete shock but he would be a beast. Recruit and scrub the dead weight.

Clearly, the 4’s we have now are not ready for SEC. Mike has never had a dominate 4. (Unless you put Portis and Gafford at the 4). The lack of offense coupled with poor rebounding are a double that we don’t need.

Harris’ poor outside shooting compromises his play as a point guard. If he could shoot from out side, he would have more options and cut back his defender’s ability to help on our offensive stars.

Disputes these serious shortcomings, the Razorbacks are playing good ball and have an opportunity to win 1 or 2 games in the SEC tournament. WPS

I often wonder where Chris Beard would be right now if Josh Huggins hadn’t hit those miraculous shots against Purdue in NCAAT to rallly UALR and put the game into OT and more miraculous shots to win the game for UALR.

Sometimes it is a matter of luck and timing that shapes history.

Not to be argumentative because you bring so much to this board, and he may have been lucky at UALR. But is he also lucky at Texas Tech or does he have a good program going?

I don’t want Beard. I like Mike.

But hasn’t Beard done a good job too?

Oh, I think Chris is a great coach. I was just wondering where he would be coaching right now if it didn’t play out that way because he was an unknown until what transpired in the NCAAT. I like him. He would have eventually ended up at a high major, I have no doubt, also I would have loved to have him at UALR two more years.

What do you consider elite ? I’m asking to get a feel for where you think we should be consistently as many fans have different ideas where the bar should be set. Myself I believe a top 25 finish yearly with a trip to the dance and winning at least one game every year is were I want to see our program but I don’t see that happening. If we could win at least 63% of conference games I would consider that a huge improvement and get us close to being where we should be. WPS

I live in Spokane County WA (since April 2018) and lived in Bentonville prior to the move, and let me assure you Spokane proper isn’t remote. It is the 2nd largest city in WA and is a welcoming multi-cultural place to live. People in WA state are what you’d expect from those who moved to the Pacific Northwest generations ago - hard-working and willing to help a neighbor. It’s not like living in the south, where most often, your neighbor is a mirror image of yourself.

I’ve heard good things about Spokane as a place to live and it is a decent sized city, slightly larger than Little Rock. But it’s still in the middle of nowhere, almost 300 miles from Seattle and a lot farther from anything else. It’s even 75 miles from Wazzu in Pullman. Mark Few likes it there, is paid well enough and wins big, and he’s not leaving any time soon.