How regional?

Assuming Arkansas does not host, how regional will the NCAA committee keep the Razorbacks?

As of now, based on projections, the most “regional” sites Arkansas could be sent to are Stillwater, Fort Worth, Austin and Hattiesburg.

There are some somewhat-regional sites in play like Louisville, Statesboro and South Bend.

I would consider everything else to be far off: Blacksburg, Palo Alto, Corvallis, College Park, Coral Gables, Greenville and Charlottesville.

Arkansas will not be sent to an SEC campus on regional weekend.

The Razorbacks have been sent all over for regionals. The 2011 team reminds me some of this one in that the wins are there to host, but the RPI is not good. That team was sent to Arizona State and I almost melted sitting on top of the press box.

There have also been plenty of Arkansas teams that have gone to nearby campuses like Austin, Norman, Stillwater, Houston, Manhattan, etc.

I know this: Regardless of how Arkansas is playing, I would be really uneasy if I hosted and Arkansas was sent to my regional. The same goes for Vanderbilt.

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It’s bizarre how quickly things can change. A couple of weeks ago we all thought our path in the post-season would probably be through Baum-Walker Stadium, though maybe the national seed wasn’t quite wrapped up. Now we aren’t even likely to host a regional.

We’ve been ranked in the Top 10 all year until this week, but it seems a lot of people weren’t paying much attention to the analytics. By that I mean fans and even the national prognosticators. Seems like people all at once started paying attention to our RPI, and the team started its downward slide right at the same time.

Poll voters pay attention to wins and losses. I doubt any are worried about RPI. That’s a metric the NCAA selection committee only seems to care about.

According to Kendall Rogers, Oklahoma is making a push to host.

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