How recent Arkansas transfers have fared (story) … fer-story/

10 transfers out in 7 yrs. That is a lot . It seems another is missing the small shooting guard from eastern Arkansas that I believe led the state in scoring.
Of those who transferred in only 2 contributed. Dusty and A Harris

It seems we need to do better evaluating some of these kids

To get a proper perspective and proper conclusions by our fans, it would be great to have at least “transfers in” and “transfers out” numbers for other SEC schools.

There will be some 1,000 kids transfer this year to other schools from the 351 that they are currently at right now.

If it is because of evaluation, then it seems the vast majority of coaches are doing the same.

There were two seasons of 22 wins or from 1999-2000 to 2012-2013.

Since 2013-2018, there have been four in five seasons - including 27, 26, 23 and 22.

Are you thinking of RJ Glasper? He was teammates with Trey Thompson at Forrest City. Glasper was a walk-on and landed at Arkansas Tech.