How on Earth did we

end up with 2nd and 3rd after that bunt?

If it was an infield fly rule play how did Biggers end up at 3rd? I didn’t see him advance.

I asked the same question in another thread, but I think they called Martin out on the infield fly rule, but because he dropped the ball, no one had to tag up. Neither runner was tagged, so both were safe… And, yes, Biggers ran to third.

That makes sense. I just didn’t see Jax advance.

No one here really knows what happened. It was weird. Brett Dolan is in here talking to us now about it.

This is in line with what the official scorer thought probably happened. Hopefully we can get an explanation from an umpire afterward.

It was infield fly
Then fielder dropped the ball
Apparently Jax did not know it was IFR, so he broke when the guy dropped the ball
Fielder ran back to third and beat Jax there, but did not tag him. He apparently thought it was a force, so he then threw to second. Jax was safe at third since he was not tagged, and Cole was safe at second.

It turned out that neither team knew what the original call was and it benefitted us. Jax would have never advanced had he realized the IFR was in effect

Really bizarre

But then there is this:

An Infield Fly is a fair fly ball (not a line drive or bunt) that, in the judgment of the umpire, can be caught by an infielder, pitcher, or catcher with ordinary effort and when there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third and less than two outs.

So IFR cannot be called on a bunt?

The TV announcers suggested the IFR can’t be called on a bunt, but I’ve never heard that. It sure seems to me a fly ball is a fly ball no matter how the batter puts it in the air. But what might have sealed the deal was the “reasonable effort.” The fielder appeared to drop it on purpose to cause a DP. That’s exactly what the IFR is designed to prevent. So it might be a judgment call by the ump.

You don’t have to tag up on an Infield Fly Rule out? I guess you do if they catch it but don’t if they drop it???

That is correct

I got an explanation from the SEC office tonight. It was not ruled infield fly rule, it was ruled that the fielder intentionally dropped the ball. However, Jeff Head, the third base umpire and crew chief, misapplied the rule when he allowed the base runners to advance to second and third. Here is a little more: … ver-aubur/