How Nevada Head Coach Eric Musselman Uses Social Media to Market His Program

Interesting video on how he uses social media to promote the team and recruit:

Love it ! The enthusiasm is great !

If this doesn’t get you fired up for Razorback basketball nothing will. Looking forward to what he brings to the program with social media to get the fans, students, and athletes fired up to take program to next level. Woo Pig!!!

I can see why the guy is so thin

Man, what energy!

A lot like CCM

Makes me think that basketball games are going to be fun again. Not just the game its self, but what goes on with the game. Back to Jim R running around the stadium rallying the fans… Hog calls ringing out when they are needed and not having to wait on some commercial to end. The pep squads in more control of what is going on instead of Adds. I am old. Not much for social medium but I can learn…I think we are really going to like this Coach…PS…that little girl of his is going to be a supper star.

Wow. He’s goofy, but in a good way. Very comfortable in his own skin.

We’ve needed a boost of energy like this!

Yes to all of this.

That was awesome! I’m so excited for next season

He’s out there to say the least LOL! Fits in perfectly with this millennial generation I suppose. As long as he can get the recruits in here I don’t really care what he does!!

He’s 54.

He’s one of us.

He just has more energy.