How much

Of the 6mm plus payout for the outback bowl do we get to keep?

I think all the bowl money from all the games goes into the pot and distributed out to all SEC teams but not 100% certain of it

We get money to cover our expenses and the rest goes into the SEC pot. Which works because Bama and Georgia are also putting their CFP money into the pot.

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The bigger the bowl let’s you go a day or two earlier. So you get more money. But it’s spent on expenses. The hotels rack it up. Meals, rooms, etc.

I was thinking that that was the “general rule” but that those that got invited to the playoffs got to keep a nice chuck (over their expenses) before they put the rest back into the pot. What makes me think that was back 10 years (or whatever) ago when we went to the Sugar Bowl (a “BCS Bowl” at the time) there was discussion about this and how we THOUGHT we would get to keep that “extra” chunk because it was a BCS bowl, but then we (we being the fans, not saying UA was surprised) found out that because the SEC had two teams in the “play off:” game, we didn’t get get to keep the “extra” just the two teams in the championship game,

Maybe I am remember this all wrong. Also maybe after we went to a 4 team playoff the rules changed.

Anyway, the only question in my mind is if Bama and UGA get an “extra” or put all the money left over after expenses in the pot. Ole Miss since they are in the Sugar???

AFAIK, everything after expenses goes into the pot, CFP or Gasparilla. As Clay said, the bigger bowls (and playoff) you arrive sooner and consequently spend more on hotels and meals.

what I was thinking,Lot of money going into the pot with 13 bowl games and more than likely an SEC NC to love it!

The smaller bowls do not put much into the pot. Expenses gobble it up.

I think I’ve heard of some bowls where the school would lose money on the trip, but with the pool concept everybody comes out good. Misery’s bowl only pays $1.35 million so they might lose money without the pool. Florida’s bowl is even worse but at least they (could) bus down and save on airfare. Doubt they will though.

It’s good the SEC splits it like this. Otherwise there’d be little incentive to go to a bowl that costs more than it makes. The league probably wants every team to go to a bowl. It’s good for exposure & overall morale. Gone are the days when teams would forego a bowl. (It was not unusual for us to do that back in the early Broyles days. We refused to go to a bowl following both the 1966 & 1970 seasons. Of course there were only about a dozen bowls at the time.)

We turned down the bowl in '66 because nobody had the stomach for it after Claud Smithey died late in the season. IIRC the situation in '70 was that we were so deflated after Texass kicked us all over Austin that nobody wanted to play another game. There have been plenty of schools who accepted a bowl bid but their players weren’t into it and the results reflected that. We’ve had one or two of those.

I doubt Claus Smithey’s death was the deciding factor in our decision to forego a bowl. We played at least 2-3 games following his tragic death. The last game we played was a controversial loss to Tex Tech. We finished the season 8-2. Lost earlier that year to Baylor (the first regular season loss in 3 years & where the “pooch kick” backfired) and got “stopped” twice at the goal line at Tech. The consensus in Ark was that we crossed the plane both times, but the referees refused to give us the TD. Had we won I think we’d have gone to either the Sugar or Cotton Bowl. I’ve never seen video of the TT game & certainly not one looking down the goal line. I don’t know if we made the TD or not.

I distinctly recall OH writing that, once we lost in Lubbock and thus missed out on our third straight Cotton, nobody wanted a minor bowl bid.
Smithey essentially dropped dead in the locker room after the A&M game at Kyle Field. Cause of death, which I didn’t know until I just did some research, was bleeding on the brain and a blood clot in the lungs, likely due to a blow to the head during the A&M game.

Yes. That squares with my memory, too.

While the money will be very good for the Hogs, the true value, particularly this season, will be all the other things that comes along with it. Breaking the mental block of not being good enough for a bowl, extra practices, recruiting, and the exposure they get is probably equal to the amount of money they will bring home. That is not just for the athletic program, but the entire university.
So take the bowl money and give Sam and his coaches raises and reap the rest of the benefits.


Yeah I’m pretty sure some nice little bonuses and increases are going to be in store for everyone

These guys took a pay cut last year. Give that money back to the coaches for starters.

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