How much upside does this team have

Ricky Council has WAY exceeded my expectations for him coming into the season. He is just so good. And Anthony Black. Wow. Best player on the court last night.


Nobody said he was as talented as Brazile. That’s not the point. But you aren’t starting somebody if you don’t think they’re good enough to get significant minutes on a normal night. Two fouls in the first four minutes is not a normal night.

In the SD State game, which was a blowout early in the second half, Makhi got 15 minutes and TB got 28. I think that’s closer to what Muss would do if fouls hadn’t intervened. Of course Kamani got 9 that night and is now buried under the doghouse.

Brazile is talented, but his ball handling is suspect. I don’t think he can be a SF this season. But Muss seems to think otherwise. He needs to improve his ball handling a lot in the offseason.

This is a problem. Not enough minutes to go around…

Twins are true post players. Active in the paint. There is a place for them on the court regardless of minutes played. Don’t have to have Brazilië like talent because they are utilized differently and Brazilië is not a true post player


Unless there are injuries, I doubt Ford, Pinion and Dunning see much time. I had figured one of three will make the rotation until Muss signed Council. That kind shut down the path for them.

I feel particularly bad for the Ford family. His Dad and his uncle used to tweet often about their faith in God and how Derrian was meant to be a Razorback. The tweets have stopped. That could be an indication.

They need to be realistic and patient. Whose minutes could Derrian honestly take right now? Derrian could be a key cog next year if he works on his deep ball. Still might help us this year.

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What’s easier, becoming a good center when you’re lean and not muscular, or a SF when you can’t really dribble?

Dig through and find MrBsWax’s post on visiting with his parents yesterday. Maybe that will help your consternation.

Actually it was earlier in this thread.

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That’s a carbon copy of everything I’ve heard about the Ford family. Hard work and a little sweat. This is the same way Devo started his freshmen year.

He should play the stretch 4 (PF) role on the court. Whichever NBA team drafts Brazile let them worry about making him into a small forward. But right now he doesn’t possess the ball handling chops to play that position on the court. He’s trying to dribble drive to the rim too much and as a result is turning over the ball a lot. I honestly don’t know if he’s being told to do that by the coaching staff.

I hope he makes it as a Hog. Love the guy. I am not saying I have heard anything that says that he is transferring, but I am saying that I have seen a change on Twitter posts and also my personal concern about him getting PT based on how Muss is recruiting now. As RazorAg said Muss is now about 5 stars and transfers that make immediate impact.

While you guys are musing over what Brazille can’t do, scouts are drooling.

He’s freakishly long and athletic and can shoot the 3. He will be drafted, probably after this year.


You can never “predict” a national championship. Not in basketball, with the tourney being one and done.
And, there is no pretending we are not young. We are.
That said, with Nick Smith, who may go on to have the best pro career of any Hog since Sidney, I think we have the capability of beating anyone. Full stop.

I thought our huge weakness would be perimeter shooting…and while we are not great there, I have been pleased with AB, TB and Ricky’s shooting. Walsh has a good looking stroke too. Add in Nick and we are not bad. People can’t just sit in the lane and dare us to shoot that’s for sure.

I have notice, especially in this Tourn a handful of times, especially if he gets the right matchup, he is facing up on the deep wing and driving, you can tell this is something they are working on with him. When he is a face up driver and finishes or is fouled or both, he will be a major problem. He is getting some 3’s off now with a fake drive and pull up, when hen he start getting to the rim his 3 shot will become more free.

He’ll have to go some to top Iso Joe.

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I don’t know about making all-NBA first team and all the defense awards Sidney received. That is a tall order. Nick is a scorer and his target should be Joe Johnson with 7 All-star teams, career points, rebounds, assists and all-NBA third team. Nick could better Joe’s numbers if his knee holds up. Kind of worried about that knee,

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Go read his uncle’s tweet from last night and you will see what I’m talking about.

How they think he should play in front of Black and Council is a mystery to me.

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His uncle is who??

Marc Ford…paraphrasing but he said Ford should be out there and they should be trusting him.

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