How much of Adrio’s improved play this year is due to

Adrio is playing the 5 this year instead of the 4 he played last three years. That is the position he played in high school. I wonder how much of his improved play has to do with being more comfortable with the position. He doesn’t have to handle the ball as much and is not having to be on the wing as much where opponents left him open and he had to decide whether to shoot or not. As a 5 he is probably playing mostly on instinct rather than having to think through the game.

When we get into the meat of the schedule and play against more size, I wonder if Muss will have both Chaney and Adrio on the court at the same time and shift Adrio to the 4.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing his play against Georgia Tech. At this time, I’m thinking he’s played against slow and not too skilled bigs…I do hope I’m incorrect.