How much of a cupcake was Texas State?

I say not as much of one as some would have you believe.

Texas Sate beat Ohio. First game of the year. Ohio then proceeded to beat Kansas. And gave Tennessee a scare yesterday.

This doesn’t really mean much, of course. But I do think our defensive performance against them is something to really take heart in. We shall see next week, but I think our defense is proving to be what the staff and therefore scribes said they would be. Salty. They played terrific football against TCU until they just plain got gassed. Depth in the secondary and LBer is still an issue. But we have a serious defense if you ask me.

Again, we shall see next week…but I for one don’t see A&M’s offense being better than TCU’s. Probably not as good actually.

Now defense is a different story. I’m nervous about their edge rush. Seriously nervous.

Texas State had an unfortunate spot on the Arkansas schedule and faced a team that has worked very hard against spread and tempo. There was no change of pace for the Bobcats. Louisiana Tech and TCU both prepared the UA defense for this game very well.

Same thing coming this week, style that is. Aggies ran 77 plays vs Auburn. Almost perfectly balanced Run vs Pass, 478 yds. no turnovers.

Texas St gets Houston at home, could be very ugly score.

The TS corners were pretty weak and there were two or three passes that could have easily been picked by an SEC DB, like the Hatcher TD. An SEC DB would have easily picked that weak out pass. If AA thinks he can get away with those kind of passes in SEC games, there will be big problems.

A total cupcake Maestro.

I agree the TSU win over Ohio and then Ohio looking good makes a good story line. I look at it more along lines of execution and motivation against a cupcake, because it requires leadership to keep the team from playing down to the competition. Our HOGS won big as they should have and served notice we are focused. 42-3 is a solid victory no matter how much of a cupcake they are.