How much is TX Tech's Athletic Budget

compared to UA’s?

They are MUCH better than us in Football and Hoops.

They were in last year’s College World Series.

Now, I see they are ranked #1 in Indoor Track

Some of our old SWC foes have bypassed us. Sad.

Much better than us in hoops? We’re 10-4 with four close losses. Couple of them were bad losses. Last night was not one of them, which is not to say that we played well in anyway except for Mason Jones. Anyway, it’s a snapshot. They just fired their football coach (who is now in the NFL as a head coach) so obviously they weren’t that happy with that program. Come back in a year and we may be better in football and hoops.

A better measuring stick of an athletic program is Directors Cup. Which I know drives people crazy who focus on the two or three big sports and ignore the other 16. We finished 16th, our best finish ever (and that includes the football season that got Bielema fired). Tech was 41st.

You can look up any public school’s athletic budget on the federal Department of Education website, by the way. They have to report to the feds. Their revenue for the last reporting year was $79 million. Ours was $132 million.

We’ll see in a few weeks, but I tend to agree Texas Tech is a much better basketball team this year. I don’t know if you can say its program is better than Arkansas’ overall, but I think its team is this year.

Overall, I think Texas Tech’s athletics department is comparable to Arkansas’. Tech has a solid AD, Kirby Hocutt. Arkansas reportedly reached out to him during the search process that landed Hunter Yurachek. Hocutt, like Jeff Long, is a protege of Joe Castiglione at Oklahoma and is respected in those circles.

Hocutt has made some great hires, like Tim Tadlock and Chris Beard. He also has made splash hires that didn’t work out, like Tubby Smith and Kliff Kingsbury.

Tech pays its coaches well. Tadlock is making $1 million per year, which is comparable to Van Horn. Beard is making in excess of $3.1 million per year, quite a bit more than Anderson. The new football coach, Matt Wells, is making about $3.1 million per year, slightly less than Morris.

TV money has made it to where every major program can afford to pay its coaches handsomely and afford large-scale constructions and renovations (at Tech, a basketball arena is being constructed, while a football end zone renovation is being discussed and a baseball stadium renovation is on hold pending the fate of an adjacent building). Each Big 12 school received in excess of $34.3 million in the last fiscal year, and that was an 18 percent increase from the year before. That conference is doing fine financially.

Umm, yes, Tech is much better in basketball this year. Not even close.

Lots of programs like Tech that us folks age 45 or older have believed are inferior to the UA are or will be blowing the UA’s doors off in terms of competitiveness unless things pick it up. I’ve identified a few in the recent past, but get all sorts of push back.

And, no, the Director’s Cup doesn’t mean a lot to most people. Men’s football and basketball, then baseball. Those are the yardsticks. We’re doing great in baseball. That’s it. Train wreck in football but decent hope with recruiting. Perpetual wheel spinning in basketball with a coach who will be in trouble after this season with more performances like last night’s.

That’s about where we stand. And yet I’m sure I’ll get disagreement.

I’m 54, and I remember when Arkansas was very good in football and basketball at the same time. Most of that was during the SWC years, and some of those programs seem to have passed us by. Emphasis seem. I have been around enough to know that aside from a handful of programs, winning comes in cycles. Arkansas has experienced a downtime in football; it has the potential to be up again soon. Basketball is not in the gutter; it may not be in the place everyone wants it, but it is better than a decade ago. Baseball is in great shape. So are other programs. But generally, programs are cyclical.

Take, for instance, the one team we hated the most and always wanted to beat in football but hardly ever did. The Bevo Crowd. Until this past season, we had been better than they had been for awhile and even enjoyed a “borderline erotic” moment recently against them. They were bad in basketball, too, and their baseball team until this past year had struggled. And we swept them, including tarring them in the CWS. Cyclical.

At any given time, a snapshot can be taken and we may be rated higher than Texas Tech and other like programs or we may be lower than them. I believe we’ll get back to where we were soon. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t waste time watching the games.

That Director’s Cup standing of 16 is exciting… since the Director is so important can he loan us a QB for this fall?

Yeah I’d say Texas Tech was better at hoops last year. Not close. Beard > Anderson by a wide margin

Exactly what I was talking about. The other 17 sports get ignored if football and basketball aren’t top-notch. Ours clearly aren’t but the rest of the program is pretty good. We won two conference championships this week.