How Much in the Tank?

This game against Auburn is going to be a real gut check.

Arkansas will be coming home after three weeks on the road against two really good and one great team. That’s very hard to do and takes its toll.

Auburn went to LSU and won for the first time since 1999 which was a huge deal for them and of course Georgia is their 2nd biggest rival - a lot of energy and emotion invested in those games.

Who is more beat up? Who has more juice left in the tank?

I think a large, boisterous crowd is more important this week than most. Not easy to achieve at 11 AM. Kirby challenged his fanbase to bring it for the game two weeks ago. I think Sam needs to issue a similar challenge this week and we all need to respond.


@jacksonreid agree 100%

agreed. my 5 seats will be full and will be loud. O suddenly looks competent. can KJ keep that up? maybe the staff will have enough confidence in him to let him throw more now. Auburn’s front is no joke.

and our defense has to be soooo embarrassed and sooo mad, really hard to imagine them laying an egg for a 3rd straight game.

should be another good game. our team has to have revenge on their minds.


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Yes. We’re gonna have to gut it out against Auburn. At least we’ll be at home. AU suffered a big loss yesterday, too. They were at home but lost easily to UGA.

If we can get past Auburn, we get two weeks to heal up & get reinvigorated for the final push. We’ll have 4 games left. MSU & MU at home and LSU, Bama on the road. Even Bama is winnable. But first, beat Auburn.

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Looks like less than 1000 tickets left, with the biggest block in the upper deck Auburn turn backs. Now, how many show up will be a question, but hopefully the weather is as currently advertised at 66 degree high and sunny.

Don’t look now but Nix starting to look like Corral,…

Nix can move around, but he is NOT like Corral. He does not throw the deep ball like Corral and is not as fast. But, he’s better than Calzada (until last night).

Agree on Nix, and his receiving group drop a lot of balls.

I believe there is a lot in the Razorback tank. This is a solid top 20 team. Very well coached.

Fun team to watch. I love our grit.

I completely expect us to win our 10th game this season in a warm weather bowl game.

Forget the qb, their backs will run roughshod through that defense

This will another tough game bc of a Mobile QB that can keep drives alive and a couple of really hard running RB’s will make it difficult for a 3 man DL to stop.Their Defense is not as good as the past Auburn defenses but light yrs better than OM so we will have to be a mistake free game from the offense and ST…

Auburn’s backup qb is also a mobile one. I am with SP as far as our ability to win. “We have all we need in this room”. Loud crowd would be a big boost though.

He ran for 34 yards last year at LSU, and has 16 yards so far at Auburn this year, he’s a pocket passer.

93000 attended, it was rockin like normal.

Agree. I think it’s the key game of the season. Anf, judging from his comments to the team it seems Sam is focused on making us close to unbeatable at RRS.

If we win we have a real chance at being 8-2 going to Bama. Need to get to the virtual 2 off weeks.

Msu is a good matchup for us. Wheels seem to be coming off at LSU. We were a play away, yesterday for a decent shot at a magical year—still could be very good considering the depths of FB Hades we e been to the last several years.


Well said Jackson

I’m hoping the Arkansas crowd is there and loud

Thi j what it would mean to these Arkansas Traveler (pun intended) football Razorbacks

To come home snd have an Arkansas crowd that makes it tough - like UGA end zone tough on Auburn ?

Hope everyone shows up loud and proud for the Hogs

If it helps you tell - have some Eagle Rare Bourbon to luv up the vocal cords

But this team would love a rowdy crowd to great Auburn

Besides this is the game stolen by SEC Ref incompetence

  • Ark needs a win

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