How much Heartbreak can this Team take ?

  1. The relationships with the prospects and the time the coaches have put in with them

  2. The opportunity to play significant snaps early

You are factually correct, however it is 20/20 hindsight and should not excuse the poor time management or game awareness, just my opinion, thanks.

As a fan I want to feed the relationship between players and the fans that reinforces Coach Morris progress

I will not condemn playersunless they fail to apply themselves (aka NTex) - it’s obvious to me these guys are all in now and giving it all they have - I respect them for that

They keep applying themselves they will learn how to win when out matched

I like the fight this team is showing - Coach Morris is doing well motivating - that is hard when your loosing - now I wait to see if they can pick them self u off the mart after Ole Miss hit them with that haymaker

After that kind of loss, Tulsa will be a tough game for us. Tulsa almost beat a good South Florida. We’ll find out if this team has quit or not.