How much Heartbreak can this Team take ?

But not just the team the fan base?

Well I guess fans we need to be as tough as the Team

Keep supporting

This loss was a gut punch - so much good to loose so close

Looking it over the thugs at ole miss took our key players out

Tonight we know clearly why Ty Story is the starter - now I hope he learned to slide to safety instead of trying to run straight up and get hammered

Well dang - that hurt


I don’t know exactly what Coach Chavis was thought to have brought to Arkansas, but its certainly not in evidence. 95 yards in 1:21 with the game on the line. Says it all.

My money says they are done.

Won’t be surprised if we lose to tulsa.

They quit is in them and bound to come out.

I disagree. Win at Tulsa and Vandy.

They did not quit. They got outplayed.

This loss isn’t on the defense. Ole Miss can score points. This loss is on the offense for only putting up 6 points in the 2nd half, 0 points in the 4th quarter and against the leagues worst defense.

most pathetic gameplan I have ever seen in the 2nd half… ran about 3 plays!!as if we had a great OL LOL just a joke!!

I didn’t say they’ve quit yet. But I do think it’s close.

I don’t know f we can beat ether Tulsa or Vandy. We are bad, we lost 2 rbs and a qb. Instead of playing our 2nd string we we play the 3rd. Our defense has steadily gotten worse and has hit rock bottom today. Very discouraging day after such a good week.

There will be better days.


I’ve heard that for 6 years.

It’s a bunch of sh$& at this point. Really not sure there will be.

I’m kinda numb to it. Had key injuries and went to a style that hasnt worked very much in my lifetime. Milking a lead.

Gotta score TD’s first and second half when your close somehow.

Tonight did it for me…I wish we would close down the football program. It is just awful to be a Hog fan. We seem to find a way to screw up everything one way or the other. I cannot stand Ole Miss and losing to them brings out the worst in me. Losing tonight makes this season a total loss for me.

That’s a good question?

You’re free to go but we would be less without you - I hope you stay

Maybe - as fans our character is being developed as much as the team is in these trials ?

What I see is young players with talent making a difference and older players whose pride won’t let them quit

I can stand and cheer for that - I’m thinking this Chad Morris is a new JFB- now that may not mean the Glory of our old SWC days but it looks to me - a significantly better team and “program” is being built

We will see better days at the rate Coach Morris is going - ias a fan I’m being challenged but near as much those kids on the field - I hope you find somthing that helps you stay as a osituve fan - after all when this is over wins in the future will be so much seeeter and I hope we handle those wins more respectfully

Good post - this stuff is gut wrenching but I still see progress in spite of all the frustration, heartache, etc. I think we need more players - and lots of them - but we’ve gone from laughingstock against CSU and N Texas a to competitive SEC football team. The sign of a well coached team is one that gets better on a weekly basis. We won’t see two better QBs than we saw the last two weeks - they will make anything short of excellent defenses look silly.

I know LDhog lives in Chattanooga, but Vandy is much, much better than us at both lines, QB and WR. Probably Vandy is better at secondary and special teams, maybe secondary. LBr’s are not really an AR strength in reality so I don’t know anywhere Vandy trails us if not for RB’s. OL and DL at Vandy will wear us down. Tulsa is low class mid major and just by perception we should run away with the game.

Thinking back we did not blow out Eastern Illinois either. We have run out of good explanations in our excuse bag, now our moral victory string is also snapped.

I’ll admit that I watched more of my hockey team playing rather than the Razorbacks. When sECN commentary was interjected, I was encouraged by Dari and Gene saying that the team looked changed. Hockey ended just in time for me to devote full attention to the last two OM scoring drives, so I have a warped perception of how the game unfolded. I only know bottom line and for the coaches to have put Cole Kelly as #1 QB at beginning of season speaks volume to me about the talent and the talent of the staff. I am not going to do specifics, and like many on the board I was around for glory days (thanks Bruce the Boss) and am unshakably convinced this is the worst Razorback team I have ever watched.

We can be sympathetic underdogs for a few years after we finally finish this season. I can only imagine how many head shaking friendly claps on the shoulder await me next week for Ole Miss and other SEC brethren. Only John McKay as a coach could make this a team to follow for any reason on my part.

Given what we can expect to come back and even what we have now there does not appear to be a kid on the incoming class that could get us one more win this season. I was a 6-6 ± one either way starting the season and now will take our 2 win season and tell all those offering condolences that we are gonna come back on Texas recruiting somehow and some time in the not near future. Looks to me like more than a 4 year herculean effort ahead to get back to 6 win potential.

Last night was a hard game for us to find a way to lose. Obviously we did. Kelly Bryant might have led us to 5 wins this year, but he would have to kick butt and take names to do so. To me (big qualifier) this is worse than post Citadel. Too far along and too finished to expect much out of this season.

This one I cried after. :frowning:

You have some valid points in there, but if you did not watch any of the game when Boyd and Whaley were running wild, then your view of the game is skewed.

I think Vandy has done some good things this year, but they are there with Arkansas, Ole Miss and until yesterday - Tennessee - down at the bottom.

While I think they played their best game at Notre Dame, they are not a powerhouse.

Don’t know what they coach up during the closed practices but it sure ain’t clock management or awareness. With a chance to run the clock down on the last meaningful possession, we complete a nice pass and receiver runs out of bounds to stop the clock. Nice run around the right side, runner runs out of bounds, clock stops. These two plays either reduces time or cost Ole Miss time outs. I played 6 man football and at least we knew these fundamental game changers. I went to bed, sick.

Tulsa is playing a freshman at quarterback, and if Storey cannot play next week, so may we. Not sure if starting Cole Kelley will be able to rally the team, especially if he doesn’t protect the ball. Hopefully one, if not both, RBs will be back after a week of therapeutic help. This team lost the same way it has been losing for the last three years–big lead early, don’t keep the pedal to the metal for whatever reason (injuries yesterday) and lose a close one at the end.

I enjoyed Whaley’s power runs and I was excited by Boyd! He can wear #5

Sadly Ole Miss took both these weapons out of the game

I’m happy with how the Seniors are still leading and scraping and excited at the young emerging talent like Boyd

Now DD - do the recruits you know see the opportunity that Arkansas is offering to play early?

The pass you speak of was a 21-yarder from Kelley to Pettway on a 3rd and 13 from the 7.

Considering it got a first down and that was the route, hard for me to get on that one.

But I agree on the the next play. Hayden gained four, but should have gone down to keep the clock running.

Kelley then rushed for a yard - with Ole Miss taking one of its three timeouts left with 2:18 left - and then had an incomplete pass that left 2:13 on the clock.

Ole Miss still scored with 42 seconds left so it might not have mattered, but it is good clock management to go down in bounds.

Of course Reid Bauer then punted Ole Miss back to its two, only to see the Rebs go 98 yards with the big plays being a 20-yard pass to AJ Brown and the 48-yard catch and run by Dawson Knox.

Ole Miss only used a timeout before the two-point coversion and still had one left.