How much did Henderson play?

And what was Chaney’s line?

Both played about 15 minutes. Neither had remarkable stats.

Chaney and Henderson played nearly identical minutes, Henderson had 16 and Chaney had 15. Chaney’s really quick fouls and his fouling out probably caused that. If I remember right, he had just 4 points, but even with limited minutes, he still was 3rd in rebounding with 5.

Chaney’s 3rd foul came on an impressive fast break layup where he made the shot but was called for a questionable charge. To call it a layup doesn’t do it justice. He left the floor quite a distance from the basket, tried to avoid the charge, but still made the basket.

Henderson played okay. He had an impressive block and rebounded okay. He did not appear to be comfortable with the ball in traffic. In fact, he had difficulty maintaining possession. He may be able to help this year because we are so small but right now he’s the last of the scholarship players off the bench.

Chaney was frustrated much of the night. His body language on the bench was of someone who knows he is better than what he was showing. I think the fouls really got to him. He played with intensity and athleticism, but just overdid it, at least according to the refs.