How much damage does this do

To our shot at a national seed? Do we need to win at least 4 of the remaining 6 or do we need 5? If we split 3-3 are we on the outside?

losing 5/6 to Msu and Lsu makes me highly doubt we will be a NS but just depends on how we finish up…we are so Jeckyl and Hyde its ridiculous.

Not much. It’s not like we lost a series to Alabama at home. This win probably gets LSU into RPI top 50 and thus mitigates the damage somewhat.

If youdaman’s keyboard gave him an electric shock every time he posted something negative, he’d look like this:

KMA swine all I posted was my opinion.I would love for us to be a NS but if we don’t losing sereies like this and MSU will be why and I would agree with amazing how some you pathetic people don’t see all the positive posts why I could give a crap what you think…you have always tried to be a bigshot with all those stupids numbers which don’t mean zilch.

:lol: :lol: :lol: I’m sorry youdaman, the picture is funny.

Classy. Dish it out but can’t take it.

By the way, our RPI remained #5 after the loss per Warren Nolan.

Arkansas is going to be a national seed this year. There are 16 national seeds for the first time.

As far as being a top eight seed, anytime you lose a series, it hurts your chances. But you have to look at what else happened around the country this weekend. Texas Tech lost two of three at home to Texas. Ole Miss lost two of three at South Carolina. Oklahoma State lost two of three at Iowa. Either Clemson or Florida State is going to lose a series because they are playing each other.

I really don’t think there is going to be a lot of movement in the next round or projections. If Arkansas can win the series against Texas A&M, it will be in a strong position again.

oh I can take it but I have 0 respect for people like you who can’t see the positive and only see negative that’s my point, not a bigger fan on this board than me i can promise you that.I would love for us to be NS but sure as heck haven’t played like it. you think your little photo was Classy?? LOL

if we make Matt that will be the reason all other teams are beating each other up.Team has a lot of improving to do to reach Omaha.

Yes. I understand that, but by “national seed” I mean one of the 8 who will host a super regional if we win the regional.

Since they’re seeding from 1-16, it’d also be nice to be a higher national seed to have a (theoretically) weaker team to come in. I’d rather be a 5 facing a 12 than an an 8 facing a 9. Of course, getting the home field advantage is the real prize. I’d like our chances of winning 2 of 3 in Baum no matter the opponent, especially if our BP can get healthy.

Right now I would say Arkansas is probably the No. 4, 5 or 6 overall seed in the tournament. Before the weekend I would have said it was No. 3 or 4.

Winning against A&M is the key. The biggest thing that hurt us this weekend was our position in the SEC West. One more win would have meant a two-game lead with six to play. I don’t believe there’s any way that the West champion will not be a Top 8 seed. Both divisional champions should be hosting. We may need four of the last six because Ole Miss has the tiebreaker.

Last 5 years, no team with a losing road record has been a top 8 seed…uh oh!

I think winning the Georgia series on the road is more important! The overall performance at LSU this weekend was a disappointment. If I could pick the finish of which series to sweep I’d take Georgia.
I think we can beat Texas A&M but pop ups and long fly balls don’t get it done.
We got beat by a horrible LSU team this week end by swinging at ball in the dirt and in our eyes! Sometimes you need to make contact to score and we had problems doing that!

If Arkansas didn’t play such a GREAT non-conference schedule, the trip to Starkville would matter. I do not think a 1-2 weekend damages you that much this time of year. Just take care of the next weekend and quit worrying about last weekend. Going 1-2 at LSU is not a killer. Never has been. The way you stay solid in the top eight is by beating teams like Arizona, Southern Cal, Texas Tech and Texas in the non-conference. That was the plan and so far it’s turned out pretty good. And, sweeping Auburn was huge. We can focus on the negative, but you better also include the positive. Balance is the best approach for one’s own sanity. It’s the way I try to write and the way I try to coach younger writers to handle stories. Always have balance. And, you need balance in your life. I always finished any criticism of my children with praise of the many things they did right. Fix the things that are wrong, but recognize the many things that are right. This team has done so much good this year and that’s why it will be a national seed, probably top 8.

Great post! Sometimes I think sports fans are most unhappy people in the world, and ones that never played seem to be the most miserable.

I believe Matt has the handle on things.

Taking out the emotion and looking at it objectively tends to lend credence to a national seed.