How much can you take?

For those who don’t remember, Anderson’s wife Wendy died in August 2019 of breast cancer while he was still coaching at Arkansas State. And now this 2.5 years later.

Unfathomable. There aren’t enough words. God bless him.


Good lord. No one should have to endure two tragedies like that in one lifetime, much less within 2-3 years of each other. I’m not sure I could go on–doing anything.

Just so sad! Praying for you coach!

Just so sad. Prayers for Coach Anderson and family.

The absolute worst thing for a parent is to have to bury their son or daughter. Next worse is to have to bury your spouse. Poor Blake has had to do both now.

A modern day Job? Although, I would easily choose a lifetime of boils all over my body over burying my daughter. So even that is not a good comparison of the pain to a parent.

God Bless you coach.


Absolutely devastating & sad news.
God Bless Coach Anderson & Family.

Unimaginable grief and stress. It takes your breath away.

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Blake Anderson. Not sure how much a man can take:

Talked with my friend in Logan yesterday (AA at Utah State yrs ago) who has a son that plays for Anderson. Said they were trying to give him all the support they can. I think he is very well thought of out there.

We haven’t seen Tera Talmadge on TV lately. Is she still working with channel 24? GHG!

She announced she was leaving about a month ago.

My families prayers go out to Coach Anderson and his family! He is a very fine man and has suffered loss of his wife and now a son! Words can’t describe the pain he must feel.

He also lost his father in 2020. I really feel for Blake.

Thank you. We had wondered why we hadn’t seen her lately. GHG!

So incredibly sad to read this. All I can do is just shake my head and wonder how much 1 person can take of this! Big time prayers to his family!!!

God bless him