How Morris could wind up staying

Morris did not inherit a program that was losing to non-power 5 teams and getting blown out by North Texas State.

The whole “recruit his way out of it” – with the “it” being winning these non-conference games – after a loss to 21 point underdog San Jose State, 2 weeks after a squeak by Portland State, is complete nonsense and nothing but spin and Schaeferesque propaganda.

Continuing to lose the rent-a-win games to non-power 5 teams is not part of the rebuilding plan – and should not be tolerated.

As one poster said, losing to San Jose State was a game-changer for Morris longevity.

Could there be a game changer that saves Morris his job?

Beat WKU. And beat a ranked S.E.C. team. 4-8 and a “we have risen from the dead” S.E.C. upset saves his job.

Or win 2 SEC games – do that and beat WKU, and Morris will get one more season.

None of these scenarios is probable. Being realistic, this team is headed to 3-9, maybe 2-10 – 2-10 followed by 2-10 or 3-9 – and 0-16 in the S.E.C. – will and should get you fired.

For the record, if Morris can beat WKU and pull that upset or win 2 S.E.C. games, then I’ll change my tune and advocate for at least one more season.

Bielema lost to Toledo and Rutgers before it was in the Big Ten, and had comeback, one-point wins over Coastal Carolina and Louisiana Tech. The John L. Smith season included losses to ULM and Rutgers, and a close call with Tulsa. San Jose State was the worst of them, no doubt, and the Razorbacks have not played well vs. Group of 5 teams under Morris, but Arkansas has been losing or barely escaping these games for several years. Tom Murphy had a good article detailing it the morning of the San Jose State game. It is a long, crazy trend.

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Coach Bielema record vs non-power 5 —. 14-1, 6-0 first 2 seasons.

Morris is 4-3 first 2 seasons. 6-0 versus 4-3
93% versus 57%

So I do not buy your argument, and the column you reference is not persuasive.

As for Coastal Carolina win — that was an Arkansas team without a coaching staff who had basically been fired and turned into the walking dead in September. However, the Hogs still won.

I’m not going there with you on Rutgers. SJSU, CSU and NTSU are not in any conversations about power 5 possibilities — Rutgers was power 5 bound for several years.

Morris did not inherit from John L Smith. That’s not relevant. Coach Petrino had a close win versus Westen Illinois. That does not mean he had to rebuild Arkansas to beat Power 5 teams. Coach Hatfield had a lot of close games to Tulsa, so are you saying that Coach Hatfield was rebuilding to beat the likes of Tulsa?

Why start this conversation if you are going to ignore the fact counter points that prove you are wrong?

No, Morris didn’t inherit from JLS, but it is relevant in that the slow downgrade of the program starting with JLS has taken it’s toll on the program. You might not “buy the argument” but it doesn’t take away from the facts.

I stated the facts.

Previous regime — 14-1 versus non-power 5 teams. 6-0 first two years.

Morris — 4-3

Those are the facts.

But you are ignoring circumstance.


Good one!

One must keep a sense of humor in these dark times.

The fact this discussion is going on paints the ugly truth of our program…

Morris will be coach next year too, only question is whether there are any changes in the assistants.

I believe that Morris will be back next season also, but I also believe the first 5 games will determine if he finishes the season. This whole thread might be for naught if we start seeing steady improvement this season which would be great plus help in next recruiting period. WPS

Yeah, ha…Circumstance 'bout the same as Speculation…the General Hog will defend his Hog’s no matter what, nothing wrong w that. I think it’s plain a WKU win and just 1 conference win and Morris is back no doubt. But he may be back no matter what. I am really interested to see the team reaction/bounce back or not Saturday.

How many HC who are forced to make staff changes last very long? Not many! Just a waste of time and delaying what’s going to happen eventually !

No it started when CBP lost half of his 11 and 12 recruiting classes.

The other fact is Bielema benefitted from Petrino’s recruits. Morris is getting through with Bielema’s.

Go take a look at how many of Bielema’s recruits from the 2016 and 2017 class would be considered “hits” or “misses”. It’s unreal. Petrino obviously knew what to look for in high school prospects and Bielema was guessing. That’s a fact.

To ignore this point would be foolish and asinine. That’s a fact.

All we were told on this board (and others) while he was here was that Bielema and his staff recruited better than ever (or better than previous recent staffs). He gets canned and the narrative quickly switched.