How mobile is Jake Bentley?

Compared with the other QB’s we’ve faced this year? I know that he is an extremely accurate passer. My fear is that we are going to sit back and play soft with very few blitzes and he is going to pick us apart. It seemed to me that we usually had success when we brought some pressure on Rogers Saturday. Unfortunately our blitzes were few and far between. Meanwhile, the SC running game does not appear to be nearly as explosive as A$M’s. Will bend before eventually breaking work against the chickens or do we need a more aggressive approach?

I think you are probably not considering the South Carolina issues in the offensive line. They have been plagued by injuries up front. This is probably a good team to blitz.

I think he is mobile enough to avoid some pressure, but I do not think he is much of a threat to scramble.

Definitely. They folded up big time vs TAMU pressure late.

Yes this would seem to be an ideal team to blitz. I guess my real question is will Rhoads release the hell hounds and can Bentley make us pay if he does?