how many?

how many need to leave to get down to the correct number?

Well, if you put Khalil Garland on medical hardship, you will still be one over

And if you don’t you’d be two over.

Now real question, I know you and RD don’t like the rumor mills, but I know you both have some kind of opinion on the “who”. Would either of you care to share?

Edit: and if you can’t share, yet, do you have a possible timetable as to when we may hear something?

They were saying yesterday afternoon on DTS that the number they wind up with could be as high as 17, and that somehow they’ll have to pare that down to 13. When I look at what he’s bringing in to replace what he already has, I’m asking myself what Musselman really doing to improve anything.

Tough crowd.

Moss, Cylla and Whitt will all make this team better. I think Stevie Wonder could see that.

Vanover will also help if he gets his waiver.

I don’t think they will be better at the 5, but will at the other four positions.

And there will be a real bench to come on the floor and help, not just one taking up chairs.

I’m not sure who said 17, but they are reaching.

You would add Kerry Blackshear if you could, but that’s really the only one left out there right now that I think you would “waive” a player for at this moment.

No and July 1 at the latest. I believe that is when you have to declare the roster as far as people being kept around.

To the best of my knowledge, all 15 of them are in summer school right now.

There was some discussion in the last hour of the show about the possibility of still another couple of signings, which would bring the total to 17. They’d honestly kind of lost me at that point, split between trying to drive in NLR traffic and listening to the DTS broadcast.

17 is the number suggested by the always-out-on-limb guy Kevin McPherson, who has a daily segment on DTS now.