How many

Top 25 finishes have we had under mike?

Is it just 1?

I know that everyone likes to point that he’s never had a losing season, but I think that number may tell more of a story. Can he ever get us better than pretty good? I’m not sure

Yes just 1

And since only 4 active coaches have done that, I’d say that’s better than pretty good.

I assume the second part is talking about winning seasons. I get that, it’s impressive. Not taking away from it. But if we aren’t ever making pushes or anything, I mean… what’s so great about it, from a fan perspective. You can have winning seasons as a program and still be completely irrelevant. A lot better to say look at this conference championship than look at that 20 win season, in my eyes.

Because it’s hard. Some teams might make the top 25 one year and then fall off the map for a few years after. A&M is an example of that.

My point isn’t that we should make top 25 every year, it’s that everyone points to mikes winning seasons and we have nothing to show for them.

No SEC championships, never made it past the 2ndround of the tournament .

My mindset on this is, if thats what we have to show for in 8 years, what reason is there to believe it’s going to be better anytime soon? It makes me wonder if that’s mikes ceiling here. If we are committed to winning, which I highly question hopefully HY is more than long was, at what point do we say that we need to see more than just a winning season?