How many would coach B have won next year?

Hypothetically for fun.

At the end of season I was all in favor of a change regardless.

But always thought whether coach b or another, we have a favorable schedule and young talent a year older.

Probably two less than he should have. Just like every other year he was here.


Between four and seven

The way he shown passive ways on both sides of the ball I could less. This staff should win 8 or 9.
B probably 6.

Probably six, but Bielema would insist the team was very, very close to twelve wins.




Sept. 8 – at Colorado State 2-0
Sept. 15 – NORTH TEXAS 3-0
Sept. 22 – at Auburn 3-1
Sept. 29 – vs. Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas) 4-2
Oct. 6 – ALABAMA 4-3
Oct. 13 – OLE MISS 5-3
Oct. 20 – TULSA 6-3
Oct. 27 – VANDERBILT 7-3
Nov. 3 – Open Date
Nov. 10 – LSU 7-4
Nov. 17 – at Mississippi State 7-5
Nov. 24 – at Missouri 8-5

December - Texas Bowl vs Oklahoma St.

Win or lose?

It’s a favorable schedule, 8 is possible.

I’d say 6. Bielema wasn’t ready for the sec and once the sec got a taste of him it was over, he was on a down hill slide.