How many wins remain for Hogs?

IMO, looks pretty bleak with our patchwork secondary. I say one, Missouri.

Would love 5-0 or 4-1, but 3-2 seems achievable.

But I believe we are currently last in conference so I may have Hog colored glasses.

We get Slush and Carter back and maybe find some who can tackle and swarm on D like last season and who knows - maybe we can run tables still

I’m going with 3.

7-5 then with a bowl W

I’m going with 4. We beat AU, Liberty, either LSU or OM, and MU. I’m not giving up on beating both LSU & OM. Saying all that knowing we could lose 3 and perhaps 4. I just don’t believe we lose 3 or 4.


I’ll have some of what some of you are having. We’re 1-3 in the SEC, right there with Auburn. So I’d say that one is a toss up but goodness I’d like to believe we can beat them if we’re healthier.

Liberty kicked the crap out of BYU this weekend. That’s not a gimme.

Ole Miss sort of showed they’ve played a weak schedule with how they played against LSU but they can put up a lot of points. I’m hopeful with a healthier secondary we can play them closer. But remember, last year we had brooks and foucha, this year even healthy we’re inexperienced. In order to win we’re going to have to put up a ton of points.

LSU is coming into their own. Maybe, just maybe, after a physical Alabama game the week before they play us they will have some depth issues of their own. Daniels looks good and hard to stop. I don’t see us winning this game even with the historical context @notoriouspig supplied in a different post.

MU could be a win but they’ve also played some people close this year. Certainly no gimme game plus they will want to deliver some payback from last year. I still think we win this game.

AU- I’m calling this one in the W column
Liberty-can’t call this an auto W
Ole Miss/LSU - lucky if we split these
MU - hoping its a win.

I’ll go with 3.Aub, Liberty, Missouri

At least three. I believe we’ll see a rejuvenated, healthy ish squad. Defense makes some improvement and the offense carries us.


Are you a betting man Bayou? If so, I take over 1. Name an amount you’re comfortable with.


I agree with most of the replies that we could win several or do poorly. Depends on how healthy we stay on D and with KJ. I think we win 2 more…Mizzou and Liberty. Hoping I’m wrong and we beat Auburn Saturday.

I, like most of you can see 2-3 perhaps, but see no way to stop LSU and ole miss at under 50 or 60. We are very poor and slow on defense and those two on offense are anything but. The battle for last place will be Sat.

We’ll beat Ole Miss in similar fashion to the way we did South Carolina. They can’t stop the run to save their life. We’ll bully them for 4 quarters.


3 wins minimum. Which 3 is a toss up, but Liberty & Mizzu could be 2 of m.

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Sorry Jackson, I don’t gamble - too conservative I suppose. I have always been somewhat intuitive and correct about things more often than not. Something (besides the secondary) just doesn’t seem right

4-1 with a split I’d Ole Miss and LSU.


We get our guys in the secondary back that don’t have season ending injuries would be a huge step. Hitting more passes in the slant and middle of the field would keep them from packing the line and stopping the run. Have a effective pass rush to move the Qb off his spot at critical times in the game. We do these three things we would have a opportunity to win out, if not we could have a painful last half of season. WPS


I do hope to be proven wrong, would love nothing better than the Hogs winning out

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3 more

Hogs will win out, we have better offense than every team we play and a defense that is just as good, KJ is going to start hitting backs with swing passes instead of running it out of trouble, the offense will become unstoppable in the 2nd half, we will beat LSU because of turnovers and their mind gaffs, they have always been prone to stupid play making decisions.


That’s what I’m thinking Billy. That is what appears to be the most likely way this plays out. However, our seasons rarely play out the way we think they will. We could lose to Mizzou and beat LSU. Or beat Ole Miss and lose to their old coach. I do think that one way or another we get at least 2 more wins though. As long as KJ stays healthy.

Well look at the depth cart and you will see even with those coming back the most needed change to get the best 5 players on the field won’t happen.