How many times does this make that hogs…

Have been knocked out of the tournament by the eventual champs? 3 that I can think of.

At least 4. Carolina twice. Bayluh and tonight.

UCONN was a total team and darn physical. The Aztecs have been more physical than many if not all the teams they faced in the tournament, but were outmanned tonight. Thought they panicked and rushed shots leading to the game getting away from them.

I tempered my expectations after the season we had, but I was damn proud to take out Kansas.
I’ve wanted that scalp since 1991.
Anything this team did after that was gravy.


Technically at least five. UCLA beat us in the title game in 95


7 times - OU aTm (1945), KY (78), UNC (93), UCLA (95), UNC (2017), Baylor (21), UCONN (23)

We also lost three more times to the eventual runner ups. So, 10 of our appearances ended against a team that played in the title game (technically 11, but that was 94 and we were the winners)

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We had UNC all but knocked out in the second round in 2017. That one hurts. Of course if we’d won that game (never mind the natty) Mike might still be here.

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Come on, Baked, get with the program. Okie Lite then, Okie Lite now.

Good research, baked!

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