how many times do we lose rebounds we have in our hands!

give away at least 4-5 a game and a bout 8-10 pts…grab the Ball!!!

You beat me to the post. It’s so frickin’ frustrating. Right now this is the difference between ahead & 5 points down.

Trying to look at the bright side, I’d have sure taken a 5 point half-time deficit when it was 21-2

I have observed the same thing along with seemingly not getting our share of 50/50 balls. It appears that we release too quickly to get on offense, thus easy baskets on these events. It seems we sacrifice rebounding for speed. If the game did not change so much with tricky tacky fouls and tv timeouts giving more recovery time, this might be more attractive.

little guys kicking our ass on the boards. Bailey et al who should have a requirement to get the rebounds to be on court are spitting the bit. Role players are in absentia or sucking at what they should be doing to help. Lots of players not performing at fundamental levels. LOTs more confidence than deserved. Running out of time to