How many think players leave this year

I’m sure at least 3. How many more will leave??

Hopefully enough leave that we can fill the roster with players that can shoot, defend, rebound make layups and FT’s.
This team has failed miserably in those areas.


Nick, Black, Council, The Twins, Graham are gone I’m fairly certain. Walsh , TB, Ford, Pinion, and Dunning? Not sure. Kamani is out of time. Wish him well in his future endeavors. So I count 7 scholarships that are open. Muss doesn’t need just players, but the right mix of guys he can meld into a team. Guys with experience, who can shoot, score, and defend. Guys who are not afraid to be team players. It will be a very interesting portal season.

I wonder if a complete roster turnover. I doubt Muss goes with so much youth combined with relatively unproven vet talent ever again.

Why would twins and Graham leave? They aren’t going to be drafted. I will be surprised if Dunning stays.

A year ago I was liking our future in both basketball and football. Now? Neither.

Can things change for better? Yes. Do I think they will? Honestly, no.


Twins are very inconsistent. Look like stars one game, completely lost the next. Graham can score, but trouble defending. Did get a bit better as the year went in. Just think there are better options out there. Could be wrong. As I said, the portal season will be very interesting.

Muss has proven he can win. We’ve seen the prior 2 seasons. Muss as admitted he made a few mistakes in recruiting this year. Don’t be surprised when we have a bounce back year after the the roster shake out.

People are talking about players being too emotional. Maybe our fans need to level out a bit. The basketball program is in great shape and will be fine. The football program is in much better shape than it was. People just forget I guess. I don’t know. Maybe just too emotional.


I fully admit I get too emotional.

Football team is better than it has been in at least the 4 years before Sam came. No doubt. But my hope to join the top part of the SEC has diminished.

Basketball program is better than it has been in 20 plus years. But my hope of it staying a program in the round of 8 or better is diminished. We had more talent on this team than probably any team since 1995. Yet may not even make the NCAA Tournament. If it was just a bad year but we were building toward the future, ok, just live with it and move on. But sounds like almost nothing is coming back. Not much to build on. I don’t think reloading every year is a recipe for success. Just my opinion.

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This was clearly not the case. Fools gold this bunch. That ‘95 team would likely beat this team by 25-30 if both teams clicking on all cylinders.


I understand being disappointed, I am sure many are, but it seems we have some quitters on this board. If it makes one upset then I understand stepping away, but not sure about surrendering. I feel that if I can’t handle the downs I don’t deserve the ups.

I won’t quit on something that really matters. But in the big scheme Razorback basketball isn’t that important. They aren’t any good this year. So I’m basically quitting — not going to waste my time. I like Muss and think he’s a pretty good coach. I’ll let him reload. But this year has been a grave disappointment. I’m not even sure Brazile could have salvaged things. Black, Walsh and even NSJ have been very mediocre. Overhyped talent.

keith come on man, it’s a message board. We the fans are just so frustrated it’s hard to watch. I know it is for me. Nothing comes easy for this team!

Runs, smooth transition of 7 points, 10 or 13, where are they? We’re just hard & very frustrating to watch.

Don’t think Twins leave unless they go pro. As far as Graham, he was a starter at Arizona State. I am sure he wants to play a lot if not a starter. He won’t play much here, unless we run into a couple of Florida stiffs that played for Castleton.

Maybe I’m missing something but why would you draft anybody but Nick smith on this team right now? Seriously asking.

You need experience as much as talent. 95 had that.

I think if we lose everyone mentioned in your post above it will be a bad look for the program. I know were in the age of the transfer portal but a massive turnover every year is a disaster I’m thinking and we already have trouble in the areas of maturity, consistency and leadership. I would like to see us keep a base so to speak and add skilled players in areas of need to improve each season, which I guess is somewhat the old way of building a team. WPS

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Ab is 6’7” point guard that can rebound and makes amazing passes. He has a high basketball iq that is going to continue to grow.

He will go top 10-15. Nick top ten. Walsh probably mid to late second so he may come back.

Curious if council can still project in late first round. If so, he goes draft also.

As of three weeks ago, at least one mock draft had AB going before Nick. We shall see.