How many teams make SEC

baseball tournament ? I know Alabama won’t make it but who else?

Looks like Tennessee is the other team out at the moment.

I don’t think Georgia will make it. I think all other 11 teams have a shot. Missouri and South Carolina are on the fringe.

Matt, were you answering the question of who makes the NCAA tournament? That’s not what OP asked. Twelve teams go to Hoover. Georgia in 12th place looks pretty safe. A full game ahead of 13th place Tennessee due to two rainouts (both have 18 losses), and UGa has the tiebreaker. Tennessee would have to sweep Missouri to knock the Tigers out. SoCar is in; they’re four games ahead of Tennessee.

Yep. Just realized that. I answered it from my truck waiting on my wife to go in a restaurant and pick up dinner. She had called the restaurant location in another town. I was distracted. :smiley:

I think you can figure it out from the other responses, but 12 teams get into the SECT. The bottom 2 are left out. The top four teams draw a first round bye. The other 8 play each other with the winner facing one of the top 4. (I’m not sure if that first game is a single elimination game or if there’s a losers bracket for them so that every team has a double elimination.)

Tuesday is single-elimination, Wednesday-Friday is double elimination, then the semifinals and final are single elimination.