How many targeting calls

were called in SEC games this past weekend?

it was crazy

I’m thinking (hoping) that all those calls were more as wake up calls for all SEC teams that clear targeting calls will not be tolerated. Without a doubt, the coaches will all be reinforcing those tackling rules. Perhaps, the refs will be looking more towards obvious targeting the rest of the season.

And, surely the review process will not be 100% for targeting as it seemed to be in all the game replays I saw.

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I think you will continue to see plenty of targeting penalties. Players will continue to go for the aggressive hit. Players know the rule. I think there is that image drive to try to smoke the ball carrier. It’s just the way most are going to play it.

I hate to hear that. It really messes with the flow of the game since a review always follows it. Of course, if the call’s on the the Hogs’ defense, I guess, messing with the offensive flow is a tiny benefit after losing your defense player.

You wouldn’t know it from watching an Arkansas game, but it is possible to get through a college football game without a targeting call. So it can be done.

From listening to ESPN and SEC channel Saturday night and again Monday night, it sounds like
targeting penalties were called a lot in games all over the country, especially in SEC games.

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