How many scholarships are open for this class?

I’m sure that this has been discussed previously at some point, but I can’t remember how many we can theoretically sign.

There’s going to be some turnover. People will hit the portal. But people will also be coming in through the portal, and that will affect how many scholies we can hand out.

Whatever you want it to be.

I think that what I probably should have asked was how many can we sign, as of now.

Seriously, RD, how many can we count back? Obviously we can’t sign 40.

Who’s still committed?

Arkansas football commitments


Probably truly only 4 commits though.

Highly doubt the Tennessee guys still are, not that our new DC would want them anyway. Not a huge loss

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I tried to put together a list of returning scholarship players, but between memory lapses and not knowing for sure how many walk-ons have been put on scholarship (Jack Lindsey is one, I know), I gave up. Plus I wanted to watch Sam.

Swine, I thought that it was heart warming’ Plus I believe he will get every thing that he is saying that he’s wants to do done. 500 hundred coachs wanting to come to ark.Geeeeeeee. You can not ask for anything any better… go Hogs

He’ll have a better idea who will stay & who might leave in a week or so. I bet they sign close to 25 if they feel like they can play in the SEC. I can see them looking hard at the portal.

I read where Devin Bush has come back.

devin Bush

Yes, Bush has taken his name out of the portal.

It’s at least 25.

When I saw Sam get choked up, I got a little choked up myself.

OK I’ll try the scholarship list now, please correct errors or omissions. Question marks are people who are in the portal now, trying to come back or I’m otherwise not sure.

True freshmen (23):
J Catalon, Jefferson, Nash, Knox, Brooks, Soli, Clay, T Jackson, Burks, Chavis, Burks, Bush?, Spivey, Zimos, Gregory, Stromberg, Limmer, Williams, Latham, Rathcke, Henry, Carter, E Jackson.
RS freshmen (7):
JSJ, Bishop, Parker, Fulwider, Winkel, Gatlin, Robinson?
Sophs (13):
K Jackson, McClellion, Foucha, Woods, Pool, Hyatt?, Mason, Brown, Curtis, Clenin, Adcock, Wagner, T. Smith
Juniors: (16) Warren, Curl, Hayden, Boyd, J Jones, Starkel, Lindsey, Morris?, Edwards, M Smith, Ha. Henry?, Marshall, Nwanna, Clary, Cunningham, Gunter

I count 59. That leaves 26 scholarships. Of course we can only give 25 without counting back. And that’s if SP convinces everyone to stay

The tennesee guys play for Knoxville West and lost in the state semifinals to eventual state champions. After that game, one of them was interviewed and said, both were keeping their options open until the new coach is announced. That was couple of weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything since then.

Arkansas’ football roster was at 77 at the beginning of fall semester, 2019.

I can confirm these six were place on scholarship.

Blake Kern, Jack Lindsey and Jimmie Stoudemire, listed as RS JRS. Tyson Morris, a RS Sophomore.

Trey Purifoy and Brendon Young as SRS on 2019 roster.

I believe these two were placed on scholarship, but can’t confirm.

Trelon Smith and Sam Loy to bring the2019 class up to 29.

I don’t think Arkansas can count anyone back to 2019.

I don’t expect over 16 or 17 true freshman in 2020 class. I do expect CSP to sign several grad transfers and underclassman transfers in 2020 class who would be counted in the Initial counters. (25)

I agree with you there. Sam may add a name or two but we’re not going to sign more than 8 or 9 next week, and there won’t be a lot of uncommitted talent left for February. So we’ll hit the portal hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of freshman/juco signees is less than 16.

Recently, Hyatt went into the transfer portal, and supposedly Britto Tutt might be leaving as well. I’m thinking that at this point we probably won’t hear about any other departures until after the semester is finished. Not convinced that there will be a lot of additional departures before spring practice, though I would not be surprised if one more QB left for greener pastures.