How many points will be too much for Portland State to score

I believe their biggest relief is when the clock is finally at all
zeroes and they can pack up to return home. Humbled but

I’m not sure our readers are putting much stock in this. But, their returners also include a junior QB who
last year threw for more yards and at a higher passing efficiency than our QB starter, and now he’s a year older and surrounded by a bunch of other returners.

Sure, the Big Sky is a dip down from the SEC, but we’ve scheduled these guys when they could be playing at the top of their game.

Frankly, I think this is a pretty good game to commence our season. We’ve played much worse first game opponents. But, it’ll be another game whereby we won’t know its relevance until later in the season…assuming we win convincingly.

What I’m surprised with are the predictions for 35 or 40 thousand fannies in the seats. That’s sad.

Regardless, Arkansas should win in a cake walk. You might be right on the fannies. Only 48,0000 showed up for the Bama game last year. They’re going to have to win to get more fannies.

After taking a step back and reflecting, I want to apologize. I have to admit that Wendy Anderson’s passing brought up a lot of memories from my Laura passing away in 2000 from the same disease. I was not my normal positive self for a day.

My bad.

DD-we love you, man. no way to give great advice or helpful tips for something as horrible as you endured.


I think it’s an interesting and fair question, and I have to admit that if Portland State scores three touchdowns on our first team defense I’ll be dreading what the SEC will do to us.