How many points will be too much for Portland State to score

I think anything over 14 by the first team defense will be unacceptable considering how all the coaches and especially some of the players talk about how I improved we are.
I personally will have to see it to believe it because we really haven’t shown any proven pass-rushers and with our lack of experience in the secondary it could be a bad combination. I have always said respect has to be earned and not given so hopefully go out there and earn it and walk the walk. I’m hoping for something like 48-10.

I think it’s the 1st game and you can’t set an O/U on it…especially w Ole Miss on the Radar.

Actually this game is not a lot more than a good scrimmage, but the next game may be a genuine litmus test.

I’m afraid Portland is so bad that we won’t learn much of anything from it. If we struggle at all, it will worry me. OTOH, they’re undefeated right now, too, & might have improved a lot in a year. Regardless, I think we’ll win with ease. Just don’t want any injuries. As for how many points being “too many,” I suppose it might depend on how they score them, but I hope they are in single digits at halftime and no more than 10 at the end of the third quarter unless we’ve gotten so far ahead that we’re playing nothing but walk-ons by the 4th quarter.

I agree NEA why I said the 1st team not give up more than 14,no telling what can happen the last 10-12 min of the game.

If we have a fourth quarter collapse against Portland State, I’m playing bingo the next Saturday.

That said, I’m thinking our D really shows up. Unfortunately, we might not learn much.

Just like we talk about offensive players getting reps, I expect the defensive side to substitute freely as well. That said, I am not going to be upset with the final score as long as we win, although I will be concerned if we aren’t up by 2 TDs at the half because that represents the first team getting their reps as a unit. Heck, I may be concerned if we aren’t up by 2 TDs at the end of the first quarter.

4 or more against 1st 2 units

Not sure why you would sit yourself for disappointment when there are so many variables.

What if Arkansas fumbles twice inside its own 10 and Portland State scores touchdowns both times?

That’s why it’s always cautionary to speak in absolutes.

How dare the players and coaches talk optimistically, huh?

The defense should be better than it was last season when it flat out sucked.

The Hogs need to dominate this game on both sides of the ball. Last year, they were lucky against Eastern Illinois because they recovered five fumbles. If they struggle against Portland State, we might be in for another rough year.

However, I expect to see this team light up the scoreboard. The defense will be much better. That is my plan.


Well not anything wrong with asking this question you’re playing a team that’s nowhere near as good as you and they shouldn’t be able to do much against us at all under normal circumstances is what I’m talkin about! Obviously if the circumstances occur as you said any body would understand giving up more than normal,you’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
you obviously think they’re going to score more than that if I’m setting myself up for maybe right not the first time we’ve talked to talk but haven’t been able to walk the walk

That would be a disappointment especially considering the discussed extra efforts around turnovers.
If I’m setting myself up for disappointment for expecting our 1st team offense / defense to not be able to hold Portland St. to 14 or less points (not for the game but against the starters) and score enough points to ensure the game isn’t close then so be it. I’ll be disappointed.

How many points will be to many…if they score one more than we do. I’ve set the bar low and just want to see us win and improve from one game to the next. Find out how who we are, have we really improved and if so how much. I know we are playing a less talented team but they have nothing to lose so the pressure is on us not them, they pick up a check and go home and won’t be scrutinized the way we will. WPS

run when we want, pass when we want, play lots of backups.

I expect solid punting, kicking and coverage.

I expect our defense to dominate as well, like no running and solid coverage. Expect several turnovers.

If they score 14 late points on our 3rd team D, I’m ok with that. gives the coaches plenty of “teaching opportunities”.

Last year we beat a bad team game 1, and we looked terrible doing it. My friends and I were VERY pissimistic after that first win. this better be a lot different than that.


The Vikings return nine starters and 25 letterwinners on offense. They return eight starters and 19 letterwinners on defense.

True, and an SEC team should be able to name the score against them.

I have no idea how many points they are going to score although I have Arkansas winning 45-14 in my prediction/guess.

I don’t feel like I am making a mountain out of s molehill. It’s just my opinion that the game plays out and then you are happy or not with what occurred.

I just don’t see - especially in an opener - a reason to speak in absolutes of pass/fail before I have a reasonable assessment of the two teams

Just an opinion

This a topic that is almost impossible to predict. Turnovers and kicking game mistakes in openers are tough to wrap your brain around. There will be mistakes in these areas. That’s how you give up points in an opener. I don’t see PSU scoring much against this defense as far as drives. But they can score in other ways. How do you figure it?

I see a very tough day for Portlandia. Outmatched and struggling with the heat and humidity. Without gifts or a very short field, I don’t think they put up more than a FG on our first team D. Maybe a TD or two late against a lot of third teamers. This will be a more impressive win than our last two openers.

Well to be perfectly honest I didn’t think I would have to clarify the difference between us giving them points versus them earning it but obviously not all understood and why I didn’t mention it. I would be disappointed if they scored 14 points driving it down the field against our number 1 defense that to me but not be a good thing.