How Many Passing Yds will MSU Have Sat.?

Has anyone ever passed for 1000 yds in a game? We hear the term, passing against air. That is what it is like with the Hogs nonexistent secondary. I imagine as MSU looks at the film, they cannot believe that a D1 secondary can be so inept. I am sure they are really looking forward to this. A&M has a far, far superior secondary to the Hogs and look what they did. Unless these guys realize that if a guy running by them with a different color shirt should not be left alone, that 1000yd mark could be reached.

The best defense in this case may be a ball control offense. And that goes both ways.


I am not nearly so pessimistic. I think we see a lot of 3 man rush this week. I know everybody groans about it, but I think it will limit the big plays and the YAC.


I agree with Clay. The secondary’s depth has been horribly depleted with all of the injuries. There is no depth to give anyone a blow. They’re exhausted. Fresh receivers sprint past them with ease. The best solution until next season is a ball control offense which doesn’t yield any turnovers and scores once in the red zone. I feel for the coaches and players.
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I agree if we can chew up clock, that will keep the passing yards down. But I still think they get at least 300 and will approach 400 if they have the ball at least 35 minutes

Well shux. They’re coached to do this don’t you know.

Odom - if some feller in a different shirt runs up to you, ye let him go right on. Got that?
Player - I think so coach.
Pittman - just so you boys are hearin’ us correctly, let these dudes in different shirts go on past you to the hinterlands. Y’all realizin’ now?
Player - I reckon we do Coach, can we practice a few times?


I think MSU wins in the total yards category by a large margin.

But, we win where it counts.

I am in the firm belief that holding most teams to FGs in todays game is a defensive win. Avoiding the big plays and making Mississippi State use a lot of plays in their drives will keep us close.

Nobody seems to be in the mood for jokes today, Pav. I’ve posted a couple…crickets.

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Ground and pound running game is by far our best chance of slowing them down for sure.

LSU totally shut them down, held them to less than 300 total yards…They were all over him when he was trying to throw and sacked him several times but they have some tremendous athletes in their front 7 and some good cover guys behind them.

MSU defense can be ran on I believe. We have a very good offensive line who did a very good job of blocking Alabama.We ran for almost 200 yards. I believe we can block them even better if we come out focused and ready to play from the very first snap.

MSU is very aggressive on defense which can allow you to pop a long run right up the middle just as LSU did. I think it will allow us to get the ball to our dangerous running backs outside if we will do that.

I think we will go mostly 3-2-6 on defense and mix in some blitz. I think we are finally realizing we can’t cover people one-on-one very much, we will hope to contain them in the middle of the field and once they get into the red zone hopefully get him to throw it in tighter windows where we may can pick one or two. Rogers is a very good quarterback and it’s not going to be easy but we have done a great job on him for 2 years.

Coach Gas has got to be pulling his hair out, reading all these posts about a ground and pound, clock chewing, ball control Offense. Unfortunately, that probably is the only chance we have of winning this game. And that only works if our drives end in TD’s. This is getting old, but we absolutely have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers. Especially in the red zone.

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@jeremy your humor is excellent. But you’re still an understudy to Pav… :wink:


Yer killin’ me Smalls. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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Cash on the barrel head. This is not his first rodeo.

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I accept all forms of cryptocurrency and hog futures (selling below par at the moment :smiling_face_with_tear:).

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The field shrinks as you move towards the other end. Those guys in other colored jerseys will be running to the parking lot at some point. Pretty sure that’s out of bounds.

400 plus yards.

Seems like your question was never answered! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Please don’t defer if we win the toss. We don’t need to play catch up with this team.

Thanks. The + on that 400 could be big. Like 400 more? The Hogs have no defense especially against the pass.

Over 400