How many other P5 schools

Don’t know who there starting QB is?

Washington just named its starter today. Jacob Eason, formerly at Georgia.

I suspect CM knows who the starter is but he wants everyone to compete as though the job’s still open.

I’d bet the coaches know who’s the starter. They just don’t want to tip off our powerhouse opponent Portland State :twisted:

Here’s one more, a few hours west:

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vandy will not name a guy until week of game 1.

Maybe he’s waiting as long as he can so no one will submit their name to the transfer portal

I had thought of Discohawg’s reason. Maybe. But I don’t think anyone is going to leave regardless.

I do not think it’s a big deal to anyone but the fans. I sure don’t think it matters to the team or the players. I figure the players will be told on Sunday night and then it will be announced on Monday. I had thought all along he would wait until Monday of game week to learn as much about the two players as possible.

I think there are good choices and you will not be wrong with either one. I would think if I was the coach I’d want to give both Starkel and Hicks as much time as possible to make their case as the starter because both made a big decision to come as grad transfers.

Most schools started a week earlier than UA (who doesn’t start until Monday). Once a school is in the second week of classes they typically do not allow students to start classes. It makes some sense, although Clay’s comment above this one make sense as well.

I just can’t believe how many people seem to be suffering from
“chicken little syndrome” because the “fans” don’t know who the
starting quarterback is for the Razorbacks.

I’d be willing to bet the coaches have a pretty good idea who it’s
going to be and really they are the only ones that need to know.
What and when fans find out is totally irrelevant, although it sure
feeds the need for people to bitch, something people seem to not
get enough of these days.

I’m content in the knowledge that I’ll find out when we take the
field for the 1st game. I’m content with the coach and I’m also
content with how, where, when and whatever way he decides to
dole out information. For me all that matters is what happens on
game day. I don’t need to know all the “ins and outs” of daily

And as soon as Washington named its starter, the #2 guy quit and put his name in the transfer portal.

Okie State hasn’t.

Turns out, it wasn’t “chicken little syndrome.”

The coaching staff had no idea in regards to the QB position

Keep refreshing our memories 2009! Sometimes when it walks like a duck and quacks like I duck it’s a dang duck!

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Lets let the old threads die… lets not reply to threads that old. It serves no purpose except for people to keep old wounds inflamed or to dish out some “I told you so”. Neither serves any purpose.

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I disagree - it’s very interesting, to me at least, to see what people had to say about any given topic and how thinking has changed over time.

You obviously disagree as will some others, but personally I like what 2009 is doing with these strolls down memory lane.

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I think you identified the exact purposes. Nanny nanny boo boo, digging up months-old threads for childish trolling.

Some people learn and grow from accountability.

Others shoot the messenger when confronted with their own words.

Your reading comprehension is just not that good is it? What I said in the earlier post was 100% accurate. It wasn’t about if the QBS were good or bad, it wasn’t about if the coaches were good or bad. It was about a portion of the fan base going ape-Schiff because they didn’t get all the inside information they wanted. They didn’t get told this is our guy on day one and that just wasn’t good enough for them. Fans like information, but its just not their RIGHT to get everything they want. That’s the point I was making and its as true today as it was then. The fans are all gimme… gimme… gimme. While I myself was at that point content to watch how it played out and make my decision based on results. I had no control over any other aspect so why run around with “chicken little syndrome” like some were doing.

So, feel free to try and serve me up with some humble pie, I can admit when I’ve made a mistake and in my life I’ve ate humble pie on several occasions. This one however, is not it.

You seem to be taking this personally. Sorry about that. Just pointing out it wasn’t chicken little to be concerned about the QBs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Again… the chicken little was a reference to the fans need to have instant information on all aspects of the team and not getting it. I was not making a comment on the QBS or COACHES, but the fans. And yes they did have it. Again READING COMPREHENSION. But I have a sense you need to get the last word in to feel vindicated. So by all means point out how I am wrong again and I’ll not reply to it this time so you can “win”.

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