How many OL did SMU put in NFL

Richard/Dudley was just curious did SMU have any NFL offensive lineman in the league while Morris and Fry were at SMU?

None according to this. SMU doesn’t put many in the league. … rafted.htm

Of course Morris and Fry wer just there for three years.

Some already there he didn’t recruit and others aren’t eligible for the draft yet.

So it’s hard to gauge the context for it.

Three years into Bret Bielema and Sam Pittman, you would have had Denver Kirkland as the lone one they recruited.

Obviously Travis Swanson was recruited by a different staff and Skipper and Ragnow would get there later

Ok may be why we’re having a hard time getting Elite offensive lineman too commit here. Froholdt may have a chance so maybe that can get the ball rolling a little bit. I do really like limmer and Winkle though

I found one, Chauncey Briggs. He signed with the Raiders as a 2017 undrafted free agent. He is now playing in the CFL. I looked in drafted and undrafted from 2016-2018, SMU had a total of 8 - 3 DE (1 drafted), 3 WR (2 drafted), 1 CB, and Briggs (OL), but as Dudley said there are still guys there that belong to this staff

I would guess that they did not have many sign before he got there either.