How many of the DL recruits will move to OL?

Caldwell, Scott, and Chavis are doing an outstanding job. Some of the defensive ends will grow into interior defensive linemen and some of the interior linemen will make great offensive guards. Having the speed, size, and athletic ability to play defensive line well can make a great offensive guard, so some of these recruits will provide depth and talent in our future offensive lines. I think I read somewhere that Collin Clay, the 6-5/255 defensive end’s father is 6-10. If he puts on some weight and height, could he be a great offensive left tackle? Marcus Miller @ 6-5/300 could be a great guard in the SEC!

Maybe this is one of the reasons that someone in another post mentioned that the staff doesn’t seem too worried about offensive line recruiting.

Negative, all of the DL were recruited to play defense…it is thought however that Soli can play DE as well as LB

I am sure that is true, but it is also true that players can grow in height and weight and become better able to get on the field at other positions than the one they played in high school. It is like in the old days when a high school put its best athlete at quarterback. When those players got together with lots of other great athletes, they were able to shift to their best position, not play the one their high school needed them to play. Cliff Powell, great HS QB, became a great LB for the 1969 UofA team for instance.

So, if Collins grows taller like his Dad, he may be better suited to play left offensive tackle than as a defensive end. Froholdte was recruited as a defensive lineman. Now, he is ALL-SEC and a future high draft choice at offensive guard. Switching positions worked out well for him and the same thing could happen to some of these DL recruits. Makes sense to me.

Marcus Miller would be one to watch

All Conference O-lineman in past, such as Jerry Dossey, Leotis Harris and George Stewart all came to Arkansas as highly recruited D-lineman.

I wouldn’ be surprised to see this happen.

You can add Freddie Childress to that list.

The Hjalte Froholdt switch has worked out pretty well.

In the old days lots of guys switched. I can remember some years where the recruiting lists would just identify a signee as a “lineman”.

Now it’s more of a novelty, like Froholdt. If you sign a guy to play DL, he’s probably not going to get on the field for you as anything but a DL. You can’t count on any DL ever accepting a switch to the OL.

Players are recruited specifically to play DL these days, and players expect to get an honest crack at playing DL when they sign, which for most guys means at least two years and probably three trying to develop into an SEC level DL. Assuming you don’t just get a transfer, you then have a guy trying to learn to be an OL relatively late in his career.

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