How many of our guys top 21 mph in top speed

just out of curiosity since it is a different metric than 40 times and is more of a power number. Im sure the coaches have the numbers. 21 was chosen arbitrarily but 20 mph is still fast.

They have not given out that number. I’ve asked.

I would think a few of our guys do. Usain Bolt’s top measured speed was 27.44 mph, which works out to 40.3 feet per second (he maintained that speed for about 20 meters of his world-record 100 in Berlin). Yes, Bolt is the fastest man who ever lived, but someone who runs about a 10.6 or 10.7 100m, which should be fairly doable for an SEC-level DB, RB or WR, is only about 11-12 percent slower. Twelve percent slower than Bolt is about 35 feet per second at top end. Which works out to about 24 mph. But that’s in track spikes on Mondo. How fast they can run on turf in football gear is another question, but Bolt couldn’t do 40 fps in shoulder pads either.

Bolt is incredible. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around how anyone could cover 40 feet per second and just can’t imagine it. That’s Fred Talley on the Plains kind of speed!