How many great seasons since 80’s conference champ teams?

I’m counting 5 more or less.

The few times we represented west in conf title game and two of Petrino’s teams - last of which had number 5 final AP finish.

I sometimes feel like after the back to back titles in late 80s I’ve been living a football bad dream - short of these few years.

Hatfield should have been treated MUCH better than he was. It was a shame the way our fans treated that man.

So true. Arkansas and Rice were the only two SWC teams that were never put on probation. Hatfield won the SWC championship his final two seasons. I believe we were 2nd the three previous years to a cheating A&M program, that was put on probation afterwards. Had it not been for the cheaters, Hatfield would have won 5 straight championships.