How many games would we

have won this year if CBB had still been the coach?

Given we would not have had Storey (probably a transfer) - Cole Kelly would probably have been the QB…there would be no Rakeem Boyd.

So what our record have been?


We were close. So close…


You think? Won 4 last year with an SEC level QB.

My guess would be 4 just because they knew his system, unfair to compare to CCM because of the learning curve of a new system. Inability to develop talent will get you fired as it did with CBB and it will with CCM, it doesn’t matter what your recruiting ranking is if you can’t get them developed to play in the Sec. CCM will have to prove at Arkansas that he will make players better every year they play for him and if he can do that better days are ahead for our program. It’s all about what you do with what you have that matters. WPS


i agree, 3 probably but we would be ranked somewhere between 30 and 60 recruiting wise, so ill give up one win for a top twenty class.

I don’t see why it matters to speculate if this team would have won a few more games if Coach Bielema were still the Head Coach.
He’s not and I’m glad he’s gone because he proved himself to be unable to achieve any of the things that he suggested he would be able to at Arkansas upon his hiring. He also proved to not be a hard worker, aggressive recruiter or someone that could hire and keep quality assistant coaches interested in working with him.

I doubt that the results of this season would be much different because of the fact that he hadn’t recruited and signed enough SEC level talent and speed.
This offensive line certainly can’t play smash mouth ball control style and the QB play certainly would be no better and the receivers wouldn’t be any faster.

Defense would still have to be on the field for huge minutes during games due to the offense not sustaining drives and therefore wear down in the second half as they did the last two seasons with Bielema as Head Coach.

Go Hogs!


Things may look bad, but the program internally isn’t as bad as it was with Bret.

I know this for a fact from players.

He was just a lazy drunk, that hurts a lot of peoples feelings around here, but it was well known amongst the players, a hot mess.

And no… we were never close.


And we’ll known by many in the coaching profession. And well known it got worse at Arkansas. Hence him hiring a bunch of NFL quality control nobodies in the latter years. Pittman and perhaps others let it be known what a cluster it was and that it was all likely to come tumbling down.

Sorry Dudley - it’s the truth.


Ty was transferring if the same staff stayed so Cole or Connor would likely have been the QB.

Rakeem Boyd would not have been here.

Ole Miss was a loss due to the injuries, Colorado State due to the coaching, North Texas due to the interceptions and being in a better place than Arkansas.

Yes, there was some drinking. But nowhere near the level you make it out to be. It makes for an easy narrative for a guy you don’t like. He didn’t succeed late because he didn’t coach or recruit well enough, not because of the drinking.

If that was the case, I would be the first to say it.

Your source didn’t even have the OL meeting with Pittman stuff right. I was there when the call when down.

I trust my eyes, my ears and my sources far more than I do yours.

You saying as an anonymous person on a message board using a second-hand conversation doesn’t make it so.

Sorry - it’s the truth.

Another person commenting in this this thread says he knows players that say he was a lazy drunk… again, talked to players on the team. Assuming he talked to players as he suggests were they lying?

Bad question to start with. The real question How many games would be lost after building double digit leads!
1 win.
The post game press conference would be
Filled with excuses. It times for the excuses to be throw away and come up with an after action report to change the result than has been going on and recycled for 3 years! Blow up the roster and start over.
This recruiting class is a start. There is no
“I” in team and there’s too many individual
Lone Rangers celebrating after plays with no real meaning or game changing result.
Those same players have missed assignments, tackles and drawn flags for 4 years. That’s the real problem in itself. Poor performance has been rewarded and accepted far too long.

I had multiple friends on the team under Bret, good friends. They’ve mostly graduated with the exception of one.

I keep a lot of things I’ve been told to myself. It is interesting though to know things that they know and saw everyday. I get a good laugh every once in a while at how wrong some people are about how things were. Not going to say I know more than anyone else, because I don’t. But I do know things that only people who had good friends on the team would know, or players.

It is real easy in a losing environment for disgruntled players and coaches to say things, even exaggerate them in that situation.

It’s also easy to take stories from others and push a narrative that may or my not be true.

If he was a drunk who got lazy, I wouldn’t have a problem in saying that he was and that’s why he lost.

He did drink some, but not to the level that you are trying to feed that narrative.

He lost and got fired to not doing a good enough job recruiting, developing and coaching, not because of the Tito’s bent you are pushing and didn’t actually see with your own eyes.

The players CBB recruited couldn’t block and tackle under his tutelage so how was it going to dramatically improve in less than a year under a new head coach and staff. This is not the Big Ten. I coached a receiver at one point in his high school career that presently plays for Iowa and have watch and coached enough football over the past 50 years to recognized his success in the Big Ten would never happen in the SEC. This league is the triple A level of college football.

Thanks JrDent - glad you shared what you know.