How many does Gus have to win and how soon?

I keep reading that winning will take care of any problems Gus brings/dislike of the man. My question for those who favor him is how much winning are we talking about and how soon?

Now saying more than we’ve had lately is a cop out. Any coach we hire is being brought in to do better than the last five years. If we are going to pay a premium to get him, what are you expecting to get for the money, and do you think he should get the same five years to get to there that we gave the guy he’s replacing?

Matt Campbell was winning in year two at Iowa State. I think our current problem is more coaching than recruiting except for the speed issue. A good x and o coach will rethink schemes and personnel . I say two years.

Year 1 with returning talent and schedule. If he is the savior there is no reason to wait.

I don’t want Gus, but if he comes here, yes he deserves five years, unless off the field issues become a major concern. I feel that way about any coach, whether I like them or not.

I do not think he would have the QB for his system so I would say Year 2 when he does find that quarterback.

One thing I’ve always admired about Malzahn is his ability to adapt his offense to his players. If he doesn’t have a dual threat QB, he’ll find a way to move the ball.

Even during his 2-10 SEC stretch over 12 SEC games, the problem wasn’t his offense, it was Auburn’s defense. He fixed the defense through recruiting and a solid DC.

How long will it take him to fix our D? That’s the question.

Good question

A coach needs 7 years in my mind…unless they are showing absolutely no improvement or going backwards from year 3 in year 4 and even moreso in year 5 as we have seen with this Coach.

If a Coach at Arkansas is not in a bowl game his second and definitely 3rd year – it’s time to go at year 5 unless he’s winning big at that point.

I just base that on history.

Petrino – that HDN-hating bunch said it would take 10 years to build the program – Sugar Bowl in year 3, bowl game in year 2, Cotton Bowl in year 4.

Bielema – in year 1 that we-have-no-talent-the-program-is-in-shambles-we-don’t-have-enough-recruiting-stars bunch said it would take a minimum of 5 years before Bielema had us in contention for a bowl game – even Steve Spurrier said that. Hogs bowled in year 2, year 3 and year 4.

Not bowling this year – but it was how the Hogs did not bowl this year that got Bielema.

So I expect 6 and 7 win seasons immediately. I’m not going to be sitting around with 4-8 and 5-7 and certainly not 3-9 for 3 or 4 years and be happy. And I’m not going to be tolerant at all of people telling me it’s going to take 5 or 10 years to get to a bowl game if the next Coach is putting us through that his first three years.

And on the years the Hogs are loaded – like Bielema in year 3 – 9 or 10 wins – and we hope for an SEC title once in a blue moon – I was fine with the frequency of HDN winning SEC West titles.

I think you misunderstood comments that have been made about “how long.” The 5-10 year’s with Bret wasn’t Bowl games, many were upset at the bowl games he did go to and called them Toilet Bowls. Same with Gus, it’s not bowl games, it’s “good” bowl games. There is a difference between playing in the Texas Bowl and playing in the Sugar Bowl. When BP put his bike in the ditch, Herbstreit was saying AR was his dark horse pick to win the NC. That’s what most mean when they talk about “time.” When we are relevant nationally. In the conversation. At least that’s what I mean when I say it, and it’s what I’ve thought most people mean. As for bowl games, I think year 2-3 they should be in a bowl (even the “toilet” bowls).

I think he’d need to start winning soon.

How big? I don’t know, I think whoever is the coach should win 8 next year.

Now after Gus found a QB, and got some Defensive issues fixed, probably year 2-3 it’s time to start hoping for a 9-10 win season.

6 wins gets a bowl game. All bowl games are good. I expect 6/7 win seasons immediately. Year 1. That means a bowl game next year.

In fact 6-6 and 7-5 should be expected every year. Losing seasons like 5-7 or 4-8 should be extremely rare.

8 to 9 wins on good years, with 10 win breakthroughs here and there.

That is what I expect.

We don’t even know for sure if he will be here or not. Can we at least postpone this discussion a few weeks?

If it was an up and comer, I would tend to agree. But if you are bringing in a successful coach for big money, especially an established coach who is actively disliked by lots of your fan base, I think it is a very important question to ask pre-hire.

If all you are expecting is that within 2 or 3 years we will win seven or eight every year, with an occasional big year, that to me is saying you have the same expectation as you would if we hired Norvell, Venables, Morris, etc. You can bring in any of those guys cheaper with that expectation and avoid all the drama. I don’t think it can be seriously argued that Gus is the only coach available who could meet that expectation.

So I can’t go along with anyone who thinks all Gus has to do is get us to “good”. Lots of guys can do that, and none of them, including Gus, is a sure thing to do so. If all you can argue is that he’s been “good” everywhere he’s been, okay, that’s nice. But unless you think none of the other potential candidates could get us to “good”, then it really boils down to you want Gus because he’s Gus.

On the other hand, if you think Gus is the guy to lead us to being elite, then maybe he’s worth the extra money, the initial( at least) friction within the fan base over the hire, and the way he’s rubbed people the wrong way every place he’s coached. I don’t agree that he’s the guy to do that(I think we have to get lucky with an up and comer for that to happen, ala Frank Broyles) but I get the argument.

He needs to win 9 or 10 the first year, and average over 10 wins a season from that point on. There needs to be routine rankings in the top 10 and CFP appearances at least every three years.

He will need to start landing top 10 recruiting classes immediately. I expect him to sign a top rated QB every year and have a Heisman candidate at least every three years.

The team will need to be in the top 5 nationally in Total Offense every year. The team will need to have a Total Defense that finishes in the top 20 nationally every year, and occasionally, top 10.

Other than that, I’m not sure.

Then we are set up for failure, NO WAY any coach does that

We set ourselves up for failure routinely with ridiculous expectations. Which may be the point he’s trying to make.

Why not? It is what I want.

On the hill you can’t expect any coach to have 10 wins every year.
Look at this
Last CBB. 7-6. Last 2 losses were meltdowns. Should have won 9 games
2015 8-5.

Of the 3 bowls games no new year 6 bowl games. Toilet bowls all of them.

Not being competive and showing progress stinks. Poor results on the field.

Gus won’t do any better but if he is hired I will still be a hog fan. But I sure don’t like the man period. He needs to win 8 games a year. Be competive and occasionally win 10.

CBB problem when he had offense he had no defense to help. When we had decent defense at times we could not stop a cripple.

Nothing at all with wanting all of that.

I want CBB to have one more year if the choices are what i see listed lately

I want to beat the teams we should and pull an upset every now and then

I want people to realize that we will Not recruit top ten classes here, history shows that.

Having said that what do we do?
Malzans def is good but they have a pretty good DC. i do not think he would come here. Lack of players and we will not pay 1.3 m for him

So i have no clue really what i want just rambling