How Many DE's To Close Out This Class

Right now we have 4 returning DE’s(Beanum,Roesler, Ramsey and Taylor) and only Ryder Anderson committed. I would hope we can get another HS and maybe 1 JUCO guy or we will be pretty thin at that spot next year.

So Dudley and Richard do y’all expect us to try to get at least 2 DE’s with the remaining spots?

I think that’s a good assessment. I plan to see JC DE Michael Clemons Thursday.

Marshall might end up playing some end too.

That’s actually pretty scary. That’s not exactly top shelf talent coming back. and Ryder Anderson isn’t even starting on his HS team…

Along way from signing day.

Agreed but there are only 6 spots or so left as it is and Bielema hasn’t shown a propensity to make “the numbers work themselves out” nor an ability to close strong. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


But it is September still.

There’s also McTelvin Agim, Jonathan Marshall, Daytrieon Dean and possibly Jamario Bell.

Seems to me that he has had things “work themselves out” after signing day.