How many defensive coordinators besides Venable......................

…have a successful defense on the same team with a HUNH offensive scheme? Auburn is one but I am having a hard time thinking of another. The coaches we were considering who had HUNH offenses (including Morris) had statistically very poor defenses.

I guess we will find out how good a recruiter Morris is as he goes out and tries to find a great DC for his team.

Depends on how you want to define HUNH, comparisons can be tough because lots of teams run a spread without really using much “tempo”. UT San Antonio was second in the country in defensive yards allowed. Miss State was 9th in the country in yards allowed and gave up 20 points a game. Virginia Tech was 11th in yards allowed(Bud Foster is a great DC). Washington State was 13th.

I do think running a lot of HUNH tends to make your defense soft. I think it’s hard to build physically tough defenses when your practicing against that offense every day, and even good HUNH offenses are prone to very quick three and outs, which can really stress the defense.

There is no doubt that the HUNH tires out your defense almost as much as it does the opponent’s. There are also more possessions for the opponent to score and add yards against you. I wonder if a better defensive stat is points or yards per possession? Defense’s whose offense is more ball control just don’t have as many possessions they have to deal with. That has got to slant the stats some against defenses on HUNH teams.