How many can we sign in this class?

And does that number include portal transfers?

As many as we want!!! The 25 man limit is gone.

But your overall limit is 85


Yeah limit is 85, but Witt transfers and draft what is our limit? 25 plus?

No limit in this signing class - just can’t exceed the 85 man limit when the musical chairs end.


At this rate we may sign 30 and still be fine lol!

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As mentioned above, no 25 limit this year or next. Just have to stay with the 85.

I assume this will stay in place after the '24 class.

Signed 19 today, holding 2 spots for high school prospects into Feb period and 10 from portal with 1-3 more for April. Maybe 32-34 out of 85 . Realistically 15-16 more to go I guess.

I think Jackson is spot on. Henderson leaving and others would add to list. I am guessing those are April spots

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